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 LPN Career Center in Lewisburg earns distinctionLPN Career Center in Lewisburg earns distinction

After completing a 24-month program to train to become licensed practical nurses, all 15 recent graduates of the LPN Career Center’s part-time class went on to pass the practical nursing licensure exam.

This 100 percent first-time pass rate is well above the national average of 82 percent, according to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. (read more)

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April 28, 2016
Letter from the CSIU Executive Director to the Community:

As you may know, the CSIU Board of Directors has been bargaining with the CSIU Education Association since 2014 to come up with a contract for the period 2014-2018. Despite the fact that negotiating teams representing each side were able to reach a tentative agreement on April 6, we have learned that the teachers’ union rejected it.

I encourage you to read the proposal that was presented to the CSIU EA. I believe it is a fair and reasonable proposal that the Board negotiated in good faith. It offers a package that is nearly $700,000 greater than the one proposed in the third-party Fact Finder’s Report last summer, and offers a number of compromises in health insurance and the use of some sick days as family sick days. In addition to the CSIU Board’s April 2016 proposal and the Fact Finder’s July 2015 report, you will also find the salaries offered to each of the members in the bargaining unit.

When the negotiating teams returned to the table on April 28, the CSIU EA presented a counter-proposal that offered to move all bargaining unit members to the PPO $500 single/$1,500 family deductible plan, for which they would pay $0 toward their health care premiums throughout the term of the contract. The CSIU negotiating team found this counter-proposal to be inconsistent with current trends in the healthcare marketplace, and with the health care plans already in place for all other CSIU staff. When the mediator was told that the CSIU Board stood by its last proposal, the union negotiating team refused to come back to the table for further negotiations.  

Over the past five years, the CSIU has lost approximately one-third of its bargaining unit educational staff. The CSIU Board has worked hard to offer strong programs at a fair price to our clients. I am disappointed and disheartened that the union leadership has not been an equal partner in this endeavor. Regardless of what happens at the bargaining table, our commitment to students and our clients never changes. We will do our best to continue offering quality programs and supporting local school districts while fulfilling the CSIU’s mission of enriching learning...enriching lives.   

Kevin Singer
CSIU Executive Director



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