Types of Software

Financial Software

CSIU financial applications work together seamlessly to give you maximum flexibility and control over all aspects of financial record keeping and reporting. Each financial application looks and functions in a similar manner and provides a straightforward user interface. Links between each application allow all money spent, received or transferred to be maintained in a common database, while our security system allows you to have extensive control over the data.


Web-based Student Information System 

  • Comprehensive, fully integrated, web-based student information management system, built on Microsoft© SQL© Server
  • Accessible from anywhere internet access is available, 24/7
  • Integral teacher grade book for efficient classroom management
  • Parent/Student Portal shows grades, assignments, assessments and more right from the teachers’ grade books
  • Family-based data management system ensures that family information is consistent for all family members across the district
  • Interactive drag-and-drop Scheduler
  • Responsive to PDE reporting requirements, as Pennsylvania is our primary focus
  • Integrated PA Common Core Standards
  • Ability to access and update student data on smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices
  • Certified for data sharing with other Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF)-compliant software packages
  • Hosted service to reduce technical support burden and costs for districts 


CSIU tax and census applications provide optimal interoperability by allowing you to move data effortlessly through yearly cycles of tax billing and collections. Used alone, each application provides the processes and reports needed to carry out tasks specific to your operation. Used together, the applications ensure accuracy and improve efficiency by sharing vital taxpayer information.