Former Governor's Schools Continue

The University of Pittsburgh Health Career Scholars Academy (UPHCSA) and the Pennsylvania School for Global Entrepreneurship (PSGE) at Lehigh University, former Governor’s School programs, are accepting applications for the 2011 summer programs. Current high school sophomores and juniors are encouraged to apply.  Application due date is February 15, 2011, but all are encouraged to apply early.

Both programs continue to successfully meet the need for high-achieving students in the state of Pennsylvania, despite the state’s budget cuts.   The enrichment programs are second to none in providing the experience and skill set needed for students who will be applying to college and are looking for the edge towards their future careers.  Both programs have maintained the same curriculum and selectivity as the former Governor’s Schools.
The UPHCSA accepted 99 students and the PSGE accepted 49 Pennsylvania students and twenty-one international students from sixteen countries into the 2010 programs. For 2011, both programs will continue to offer limited scholarship funding. Lehigh University will continue to underwrite $1000 of the program cost for each student in 2011. The University of Pittsburgh will also continue its financial support of the UPHCSA program.  

The goal of the UPHCSA is to introduce students to the world of health care, including issues of primary care, prevention, public health, human growth and development, and areas of practice.  Students will participate in hands-on learning, core courses, concentration courses, small discussion groups, simulations, team projects, presentations and multiple site visits. In addition, two job shadowing experiences offer attendees the opportunity to observe local health care professionals interacting with patients, delivering care, and performing their daily duties.  The living-learning experience will prepare students to be empathetic and culturally competent in their careers, understand what course of action is necessary for them to reach their goals, and incorporate what they learn into a medical profession.  

The purpose of the PSGE program is to expose students to the topics of entrepreneurship, global networking, team building, project management, leadership and working in a culturally diverse environment.  Sessions are facilitated by Lehigh faculty members as well as entrepreneurs and leaders of the community and international business community.  All students will attend core courses, elective courses and entrepreneurial exchanges with leaders from business, industry, government, education and the non-profit community. Entrepreneurial excursions to local sites of interest including field trips to New York City, Philadelphia and Harrisburg will be a part of the weekly schedule.

Working in teams according to skill and interest areas, students are assigned to a real-world company where they will spend one day a week working on a project and problem-solving for that organization. Students prepare a formal marketing or business plan and presentation for the company executives.

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