Annie Sullivan Award

2015 Nominations – Closed

In the educational climate of inclusion and acceptance, the CSIU continues to promote the Anne Sullivan Award program, which is sponsored by the Pennsylvania Association of Intermediate Units. The award, named for Helen Keller’s teacher and friend, honors an educator who goes beyond his or her job duties to support the acceptance of people with disabilities in school or in the community. It was created to honor people who work behind the scenes and do not expect any rewards. 

The award is open to any teacher, therapist, administrator, psychologist, social worker, aide or other support staff employed by a school district, school or CSIU. The selection committee will consider individual nominations (not a team of nominees).

To make a nomination, answer the following questions and cite specific examples in your responses. Since the selection committee will choose the person anonymously, do not refer to the nominee by name in writing your recommendation.

A committee of CSIU and district staff will determine the recipient, based only on your answers to the nomination questions in Part B. 

The published criteria specified the following five areas on which the nominees are to be rated:

  • Exemplifies caring involvement with students with disabilities.
  • Helps others in the schools to understand and accept students with disabilities.
  • Helps others in the community to understand individuals with disabilities.
  • Participation in organizations that promote acceptance of individuals with disabilities.
  • Working with students in extra curricular activities.


Please type your responses to each of the questions in PART A; on a separate piece of paper, provide the information requested for numbers 1-4 in PART B. You can copy the information/questions and paste them into a new document. 

Please type your responses directly into your email message. You can copy the information/questions below and paste them into the message.


Nominator: ______________________ Position: __________________________

Contact information (phone/email):_____________________________________

Nominee:___________________ Position: ______________________________

Nominee's Employer:_______________________________________________

Building(s): _______________________________________________________


When answering these questions, please provide specific examples.

Do not refer to the nominee or employer by name in this section.

  1. Explain how the nominee, in his/her current role, positively interacts with students with disabilities and supports their acceptance in the school.
  2. How has the nominee provided the leadership qualities of character, competence and contribution in inspiring and motivating students as well as others to achieve their greatest potential?
  3. How does the nominee help others in the schools and the community to understand and accept students with disabilities?
  4. How does the nominee's involvement in facilitating acceptance of students with disabilities go beyond the requirements of his/her job?

Return nominations by THURSDAY, APRIL 30, 2015 via:

Email to;

CSIU van delivery to #0016 Attn Public Relations Office; or

U.S. Mail to:    

Attn Public Relations Office  
90 Lawton Lane  
Milton, PA  17847

Recent Annie Sullivan Award recipients have included Joanne DiFrancesco, CSIU special education teacher; Gwen Utt, Millville Area autistic support teacher; Chrysti Pontius, CSIU employment transition teacher; Jeanne Menko, Line Mountain kindergarten teacher; Margaret Harvey, Shikellamy School District teacher; and Janet Patterson, Warrior Run reading specialist.