Bullying Prevention Month

In recent years, bullying has gained national attention.
According to the National Education Association, on any given day, nearly 160,000 children in the U.S. miss school due to a fear of being bullied. 

The CSIU's Center for Safe Schools is committed to preventing and reducing the incidents of bullying in schools through technical assistance, training, evaluation and research. Visit their website at www.safeschools.info.

The Bullying Prevention Toolkit and related guides are resources for parents, educators and professionals serving youth in school and out-of-school time settings. They include specific information about how to differentiate between bullying and conflict, how to respond to cyberbullying, and potential legal implications of bullying-type behaviors. Click here to download the Bullying Prevention Toolkit and guides.

The Center for Safe Schools is administered by the CSIU's Center for Schools and Communities in Camp Hill.