Program List

About the Program



There are a few steps you must take to complete the enrollment process. The WATCH Project staff will assist you with completing background checks, education and drug screenings, and a physical health exam.


Program Services


After you are enrolled in the WATCH Project, you will work with a Career Coordinator who will:

  • Help you develop career goals that are right for you, and decide where and how to enter the nursing field.
  • Help you apply to a training program and complete the financial aid application process.
  • Find community and educational resources to meet other needs like tutoring, child care or transportation.

You will also participate in activities to get ready for employment, learn to work in teams and improve skills, as well as attend peer support meetings and participate in job shadowing experiences.

Job Seeking Assistance

After you have completed your education and training, your Career Coordinator will help you look for a job and provide supportive services up to your first six months of employment.


If you are ready to take the first step on the nursing career path, learn more about the WATCH Project and/or complete an online application.