Guest Teacher and Education Major Program

 Program List

Guest Teacher Application Process

Completing the Application Process

After candidates have been interviewed and accepted into the guest teacher and education major program, they will be required to obtain and provide to CSIU:

  • Act 126 Mandated Reporter Training- Effective December of 2014 Pennsylvania Department of Education requires all staff working with children to be a certified reporter to report suspected child abuse.  The following link will take you to the on-line training to complete this course.  When started the training select the Mandated Reporter instead of the permissive reporter. The course takes 3-4 hours to complete and you can take break during the course and continue at another time.  Once course is completed please print certificate and bring along to the 2nd day of training.

  • Act 151 – PA Child Abuse History clearance - $8 fee
  • ACT 168- As of December 31, 2014 new legislation was put in place.  Please complete a form for with your current or most previous employer and a form for any employer which you have had direct contact with children. 
  •  Act 24 – Arrest / Conviction form
  • Act 34 – PA State Police Criminal Record clearance - $8 fee
  • School employee physical examination form including a current TB test
  • PDE 338-G General Application –(GUEST TEACHERS ONLY) complete this form and return it to CSIU for mailing. Do not mail it directly to PDE.

All guest teachers are required to attend two days of training. Trainers and speakers include CSIU educational and special education professionals.

  • Thursday, September 14, 2017 – full day of training
  • Friday, September 15, 2017 - All participants will be required to do one classroom observation in the consortium, which will be set up by CSIU staff for Friday morning and will reconvene at the CSIU for the second half of training in the afternoon.   

In the event of bad weather on either day of training, please follow the inclement weather procedure below before leaving home.

  1. Call the CSIU at (570) 523-1155.
  2. Listen to the CSIU recording.
    *If there is a delay or closing, the recording will prompt you to push #9 on your phone keypad.
  3. The recording will then inform you of any changes in the Guest Teacher schedule.

Please note: Any changes in the schedule will be on the recording after 6:30 AM, but you should try calling the CSIU several times before leaving your home. This will ensure you will not miss any additional updates or changes.