Star of the Month

June 2015
Rhonda Gilliom

To students, teachers and volunteers in the CSIU’s adult education programs, Rhonda Gilliom is more than a case manager because she provides ongoing support and encouragement to them at every level during their involvement.

She matches students with volunteers, and assists them while they are enrolled in the program.

Recognizing the hard work and dedication displayed by students, Rhonda wanted to honor them for their success, perseverance and commitment to education. She set criteria, issued a call for nominations and assisted students in writing their success stories. The students read their stories at an adult education staff meeting, and were presented with a certificate of recognition.

“She works hard to ensure participants are recognized for their achievements,” said a colleague in her nomination.

The successes of the students wouldn’t be possible without the additional assistance they receive from a group of volunteers who dedicate numerous hours to helping students. To thank volunteers for their continued service and commitment, Rhonda organized a banquet to recognize and provide them with professional development opportunities.

“She takes the extra time and effort to ensure the volunteers feel appreciated,” said a coworker.

Her most current contribution to the adult education department includes developing and delivering basic education curriculum to a group of participants in a local health care worker training. In this integrated education and training program, students receive hands-on instruction to improve reading, math and language skills at the same time.

“Thanks to Rhonda’s efforts, the students in the health care training program will be better prepared to enter the workforce,” said a colleague. 

-Adapted from the nomination submitted by Rhonda's colleagues