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What is "Know Your Impact"?

  • The CSIU is proud to implement a program in which CSIU employees will be recognized for the impact imparted by them on their work, homelife and community. Recognize a colleague today!


    Purpose of the Impact Program

    To encourage CSIU employees to recognize one another’s leadership and excellence within our jobs and departments and in our daily interactions, supporting a positive and encouraging work culture. It also ties our PLD theme and LRT learning together in a meaningful way. 

    Types of Recognition

    • CSIU Program Impact (work-related success/achievement)
    • CSIU Community Impact (large or small acts of kindness, generosity, motivation, encouragement, etc. related to work at the CSIU)

    How often? How many? 

    • Any CSIU employee can nominate another CSIU employee any time during the month. The cutoff for each month is the THIRD FRIDAY. Nominations coming in after that time will bump to the next month. 
    • Everyone nominated is celebrated. 
    • There is no competition or committee and we trust that nominations will be valid and significant. 
    • Nomination Link

    How are the nominees being celebrated? 

    • Impact Award Winners will be featured in a monthly newsletter email to our entire staff and featured on our CSIU public-facing Know Your Impact Page. (Where we will also feature our PLD Award Winners on the Drew Dudley Wall of Amazing Humans--WOAH.)
    • Impact Award Winners will additionally receive some cool, new CSIU “merch.”

    Nomintate a Colleague   See who has won an award in past months.

2020 PLD Award Winners