Boy in classroom
  • Autistic Support Programs

    Classes and itinerant support for students identified as autistic

    Five Star Emotional Support Programs

    Full-time program for students with behavioral and social-emotional needs, which includes partial hospitalization and emotional support services

    Hearing Impaired Support Programs

    Classes and itinerant support for students who are deaf or hearing impaired

    Independent Living Program (Alpha Circle)

    Instruction in skills that enable young people to make the transition to adult life; conducted in a community setting

    Multi-Disabilities Support Programs

    Classes for students having multiple disabilities

    School Social Work Services

    Itinerant social work support for children needing emotional support. Staff work with families and teachers to foster emotional growth

    Speech and Language Support Services

    Itinerant speech and language services for children needing support to improve their speech and language skills

    Visually Impaired Support Services

    Itinerant services for students who are blind or visually impaired