• Work Foundations+ is a secondary special education program focused on providing comprehensive academic instruction and real-life career exploration, experiences, and training to students with disabilities to best prepare them for successful post-secondary training and education, employment, and independent living.

    Students receive academic instruction in the following areas:

    • Employment Transition Services
      Students receive instruction to develop their transition portfolios which includes a letter of interest, resume, applications, and thank-you letters. Students participate in social skills groups to learn and practice appropriate work skills such as conflict resolution, problem solving, and interview and interpersonal skills.

    • Practical Assessment Exploration System Lab (PAES) 
      PAES is a simulated work environment that provides students with a scope and sequence curriculum to expose students to a wide variety of career fields and to further assess skills and interests such as consumer science, computer technology, problem solving, process and production, and communication.

    • Academic Instruction and Remediation Lab
      Students receive instruction and remediation based upon the standards in the areas of reading, writing, and math.

    • Independent Living Lab
      Students receive instruction in general independent living and adaptive skills as well as review and discussion of current events and the impact they have on students’ futures.

    • Alpha Circle:
      Graduating seniors receive intensive small group instruction in independent living skills, such as daily household maintenance, budgeting, meal planning and preparation as well as fitness and leisure skills instruction through the Sunbury YMCA partnership. Students participate in monthly Community Based Training opportunities to generalize their acquired skills in a real-life setting.

    • Work Experience and Career Exploration Program
      Provides students with multiple opportunities to participate in on-the-job training and career exploration. Student work experiences are individually designed to match students with opportunities in their areas of interests and skill levels. Students’ work experience placements and career exploration opportunities operate bi-weekly Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday every nine weeks. Transportation, job coaching, and assessment is provided through Work Foundations+.
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  • The students at
    Work Foundations +
    great pride in their work.

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