CNA Registered Apprenticeship Program (The Pathway Forward)

  • The apprenticeship program provides certified nursing assistants (CNAs) across Pennsylvania the opportunity to receive hands-on training from experienced professionals; expand job knowledge, skills and confidence; increase wages while learning; begin a lifelong career, and earn national industry certification with the opportunity to transfer apprenticeship work into college credit advancing along a nursing pathway. 

    CNAs are trained through this registered apprenticeship on the following modules of instruction:

    • Advanced CNA
    • Geriatrics Specialty
    • Dementia Specialty  
    • Mentoring Specialty 

    Upon successful completion of the program in 12 months or 2,150 hours, apprentices earn a nationally recognized industry certification. 

    Why You Should Consider an Apprenticeship

    The CNA Apprenticeship Program was developed to meet healthcare’s rising need to advance the skills of the certified nurse's aide.  

    As an apprentice, you will continue to earn wages while you learn, and your pay will increase as you complete steps along the program. Upon completion of the apprenticeship, you will earn a nationally recognized industry certification.

    Take the next step in advancing your career and earning higher wages: contact the Director of Human Resources in your place of employment and tell him or her that you are interested in the CNA Apprenticeship Program.

  • “The CNA Apprenticeship Program has helped me increase my nursing job knowledge in general. My co-workers look up to me, ask me questions and for my opinions, and they respect what I have to say.” 
    – CNA Apprentice 

For more information

  • Katherine Vastine
    (570) 523-1155 ext. 2325
    (570) 556-8446 (mobile)