Computer Fair
  • Date, Time and Location

    March 16, 2022
    9 AM - 12:30 PM

    CSIU Main Building - Susquehanna A & B

  • Middle School Media and Design Competition

    Students in Grades 6-8 from local school districts will compete for the 2022 event that highlights students’ computer knowledge and application skills. 
    Projects in the following categories will be presented and judged at this year’s Regional Middle School Media and Design Competition:

    • 3D Design 
    • Animation
    • Digital Movie
    • Logo and Graphic Design 
    • Programming
    • Web Page Design


    Schedule of Events:

    • 9 a.m.  Welcome!
    • Agenda - TBD

    Judges from the local community, with expertise in each category, will evaluate each project based on a rubric that is also used at the state competition. Projects will be judged on a clear understanding of the use of design tools and principles. Students will also be given feedback from the judges on their submissions, and winners can then incorporate the feedback to improve their projects prior to the state fair. 


    General Information about the Media and Design Competition:

    Rules & Categories:

    Specific Regional Rules:

    • February 28, 2022 - All registrations and project submission materials are due for the regional competition.

    • Judge decisions are final.

    • Entries by a district are limited to a maximum of twelve projects in any combination of categories.

    • See the copyright section on the state website; failure to follow these copyright rules will disqualify the project at regionals.

    • It is highly recommended that each school bring a laptop computer that has student projects already loaded, power strips, and speakers. This will prevent configuration and compatibility problems.

    • All entries must have a designated faculty member or sponsor.  All entries must be registered online by the faculty member or sponsor. (The faculty member or sponsor also must accompany students to the regional and state competitions.  All communication will go through that person.)

    • There will be no entrance fee charged to either the school district or the student to participate.

    • Each project must have the project number listed in a visible location for the judges.

    • Due to COVID, the regional event for 2022 might be virtually presented through the Zoom platform - details will be provided if the need arises. 


    The CSIU is one of 25 intermediate units statewide that hosts the competition. First-place winners in each category advanced to the state competition. 

    The Middle School Media and Design Competition is sponsored by the Pennsylvania Association of Intermediate Units and has been held annually since 2004. 



    • If the student(s) do not get permission from the author of work used in their project and document this with their project, will the project by disqualified at regionals? 

    • What if there is inclement weather the day of the event? 
      Please call our main switchboard (570-523-1155) and listen for important changes in schedules in the event that the CSIU is closed or is on a delayed schedule. If this should happen, we will contact you with alternate arrangements.

    • What if school is not in session during the regional event? 
      Please give call Colleen Epler-Ruths at the phone number and extension listed below and she will work on alternate arrangements for getting the projects entered into the computer fair.

    • Do students have to attend to enter their project? 
      Sometimes students who want to submit a project may find that they are unable to attend the regional event. In this case, we can arrange for the submission and judging of the student’s project.  Student participation is encouraged but not required.

    • How do we register for regional and states?
      Use this link to register for the regional event: Projects that win first place in a category are promoted to the state competition.

    • How important is the project number?
      When you register your students on you will be assigned a unique number for each project. This number must be displayed on the project summary and will be required if your student takes first place in a category and moves on to states.

    • If my student(s) win first place, how do I register for states? 
      Student projects that take first place in their category at the regional event will be entered in the state competition by the CSIU.  The project number will identify the project.

    • Is there any cost to participate in the regional events? 
      There are no registration or participation costs for students or sponsors to attend the regional event.

    • Can I help with anything ahead of time to make the regional event a success? 
      Please make sure that students have completed all paperwork and have the necessary signatures ready to hand in at the start of the regional event.  Always ask if you have questions!

    • Are there any costs for first place winners to attend states? 
      There are no registration or participation costs for students or sponsors to attend the state event.




2021 Regional Middle School First Place Districts

  • 3D Design
    1st Place: Katelyn Davister (Milton MS)
    2nd Place:  Gabriel McGinlney (Central Columbia MS)

    1st Place: Miles Brown (Milton MS)

    Digital Movie
    1st Place: Avery Geffken, Katie Hess, Natalia Taylor (Central Columbia MS)
    2nd Place:  Alyvia Russel, Isabella Walker, Lily Acfalle (Milton MS)

    Logo & Graphic Design
    1st Place:  Alyssa Bergenstock  (Danville MS)
    2nd Place: Claire Dick (Milton MS)
    3rd Place: Christopher Le (Milton MS)

    1st Place: Kaleb Eger, Joel Langdon (Milton MS)

    Web Page Design
    1st Place: Naomi Hottenstein, Ava Sitko, Maura Swab (Central Columbia MS)