CSIU Strategic Plan for 2018-21

  • Introduction

    The strategic plan will guide the operation of the Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit (CSIU) for 2018-2021. The document, based on the solid framework for success provided by four previous plans, describes ways in which the organization can meet current and future needs of its clients and customers.

    The plan evolved from a process in which the board, staff members and external clients identified and assessed program needs, strengths and gaps. The strategic planning leadership team used this data to draft strategic priorities to steer the organization over the next three years.

    The plan is a strong reaffirmation of the CSIU’s mission and core values, including its ongoing commitment to “Enriching learning…Enriching lives.” The plan builds on the principles contained in the preceding documents, while adding goals and strategies that are designed to further improve programs and services. They are written to ensure the plan has lasting relevance while allowing for sufficient flexibility for staff to respond to changing needs and circumstances.

    Planning Process

    Fall 2016/Winter 2017

    • CSIU senior leadership determined the process for including stakeholder input and established the timeline and key personnel associated with completing the plan.  
    • Lynn Cromley, Assistant Executive Director/Chief Administrative Officer, was assigned the leadership role for the strategic planning process, with each of the leadership team members taking on a key role in both planning and implementation.

    Spring 2017

    • The CSIU conducted a needs assessment with clients, board members and staff. Initial analysis of needs assessment data was reviewed by the planning team.
    • Internal meetings were held to reflect on initial draft priorities, alignment with current versus revised mission and beliefs. Each priority was assigned a "champion" from the senior leadership team, who responsible for overseeing the priority's goals, strategies and implementation steps.
    • The planning team presented the CSIU Board with the Comprehensive Planning process and timeline.

    Summer 2017

    • Continued data collection and final analysis of needs assessment data was conducted.
    • Facilitation of an expanded leadership team resulted in identification of four initial draft priorities and goal statements that align to mission/beliefs.
    • The Board reviewed the initial draft priorities and process to date.

    Fall 2017

    • Priorities and draft goals were shared with clients and staff.
    • Teams were established for the four priorities, with each led by senior leader.
    • A timeline and tracking process was created to determine in which year a goal or sub-goal is to be accomplished.
    • Senior leaders communicated goals and priorities to CSIU managers, supervisors and respective staff, with clear expectations regarding the role of priorities and strategic planning goals as the basis for individual professional goals.
    • Board preview of draft plan was provided at the October meeting and the Plan was prepared for 28-day public review.
    • The CSIU’s Strategic Plan was presented to the CSIU Board of Directors, and they approved it.

    Spring 2018 through June 2021

    • The PA Department of Education approved the CSIU's Strategic Plan in Spring 2018. 
    • Through June 2021, Priority Champions and Strategic Planning Teams will operationalize the plan and track progress towards completion.
    • The executive director will report annually to the CSIU Board of Directors on the implementation of the strategic plan. 


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