• Superintendents' Advisory Council

    As prescribed by the PA School Code, the CSIU Superintendents' Advisory Council (SAC) is composed of the 17 superintendents and 3 career and technical center directors in the CSIU's five-county region.

    The SAC meetings are held the second Wednesdays from September through June, unless otherwise noted on the homepage calendar. Members are listed below.


  • Section 916-A. Intermediate Unit Council. – Each intermediate unit shall have an Intermediate Unit Council composed of all chief school administrators within the intermediate unit, to be advisory to the executive director. The executive director of the intermediate unit shall serve as chairman of the Intermediate Unit Council. The Intermediate Unit Council shall meet at least five times each year and may meet at any other time upon the call of the executive director. 

    – PA School Code of 1949, Article IX-A