Media Services

  • The other side of the camera
    Media Services staff team up to provide student learning opportunities

    For more than 10 years, the Media Services staff have been offering video production services to departments across the CSIU. Their expertise has vastly grown since they first started producing videos to showcase CSIU programs, and so has the range of offerings. Now operating in a fully integrated studio, the team can "shoot" in high definition, record and edit voiceovers in the sound booth and more.

    As part of building tours and job shadow experiences for students, the media studio usually takes center stage. 

    "Students experience in real time how a green screen works, and they participate in a voiceover project," said Jeff Kay, special projects technology manager. He added that his colleague David Newberry, telecommunications technology network consultant, "gives students a true Hollywood experience, revealing some of the 'magic' of video production."

    At the recent Work Foundations+ career fair, David set up a booth to demonstrate equipment he uses to produce videos ranging from 30 seconds to 30 minutes. He spent a lot of time explaining how to focus the camera and set up shots to student council president Colton Wehry. Colton had several questions, after being prompted to guess what some of the equipment was. 

    "I never would have thought this was a microphone," Colton remarked about the wind buffering device. "Everything here looks like the equipment I see being used on TV news stations." 

    Lourdes Regional student Darian Wetzel completed a job shadow experience with the technology team, and said he "loved the visit," and liked video production and drone technology the best. The son of CSIU Early Intervention teacher Jennifer Wetzel, Darian is especially interested in media and went on to spend a day with 94KX's morning crew and ended his on-air segment with a "shout out" to his classmates. He is interested in returning to the CSIU to learn even more. 

    Pictured below are students who have participated in tours, job shadow experiences and the career fair.