A heartwarming tradition of giving

  • For many years, staff at the annex spread holiday cheer by donating to programs in need. In most recent years, they "adopted" families who lived at Pinnacle Place, a maternity group home that was operated by the CSIU, by buying presents for the moms and babies. This year, their donation hit closer to "home."

    This past fall, a family member of one of their co-workers suffered serious injuries from a motorcycle accident, including the amputation of one of his legs. Sandra Greak's son faces a long recovery, and her friends at the annex wanted to help. They decided this year they would turn their donation efforts to the fundraiser being organized to offset Sandra's family's medical bills.

    On the Day of Giving (the Tuesday after Thanksgiving), the annex staff brought together all the gift baskets and packaged items they purchased to include in the auction being organized for Sandra's son at a local community center. The photo shows the many items that were donated, as well as some of the staff who participated (not all were present at time photo was taken). 

    May the generosity of our colleagues bring a little holiday cheer to us all and remind us that this is the season of giving. 

    Our thoughts remain with Sandra, her son and her family. 


annex staff