• Special Projects Group

    Providing Solutions using Technology

    Did you know the CSIU has a Special Projects Group?

    The goal of the group is to provide solutions using technology. That may sound pretty simple, but they participate in many small projects at once. Jeff Kay, Special Projects Technology Manager said, “When people find out what we do, they’re kind of surprised. ‘Oh, we didn’t know you guys did that, that’s you?’ I like to say we’re the step children of computer services. A little different, maybe a little weird, but we handle the things that are different.” The Special Projects Group works on the assignments that might need a creative solution or might need to be thought about in a different or out-of-the-box way. The group currently has three database projects working with the Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL).  They also specialize on tackling other projects that are technology based such as the Classroom Connect (Double Robots in classrooms) and running the Media Services Department. In Jeff’s words, “We tackle a lot of different projects.” Some of the other things they work on might be little databases, or ‘boutique databases’; this type of database is super specific and does one thing really well as opposed to a student information database that does many, many things.

    As Special Projects Technology Manager, Jeff's goal within the program is to ensure that everyone in the group has work to do that meets their skill set. He directly supervises four staff members, but they work collaboratively with a total of seven people. “With the group that we have, there’s a lot of varied expertise, and unless you’ve worked with them, you wouldn't know their specific skill set.” Jeff said. His interest in his team and their capabilities is why they’re successful at what they do. Jeff said, “There are so many things we do in this building, and do every day, that people just don’t know. I think they would be amazed and proud.” 

    Jeff thinks of the CSIU as a giant team filled with departments, employees, and groups working together. If the CSIU was a machine, each gear would operate in tandem and do its own part to complete a bigger task. Sometimes we get so consumed in the part we play that we forget we are making something larger. Jeff says, “It’s hard while you’re in the midst of doing your job to see everyone else’s work. The contributions of every individual staff member are what makes the CSIU successful as a whole and without each part it wouldn’t thrive. Jeff felt that it’s important to learn as much about other programs as possible and he said that an article like this is a good start. If everyone feels closer, one program’s success is a success for everyone.

    When looking forward to the next 6 months, Jeff hopes they’ll venture into using drone technology to find solutions for schools and universities and learn how to use that technology to improve people’s lives. Jeff said, “On a personal level, I’m always excited for the next electronic toy that can make lives easier and better.”

    Written by Briana Shervinskie, a CSIU Summer 2018 Communications Intern. She is from Sunbury and is a junior at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio. She is a dual major in Public Relations and Organizational Communication with a minor in Public Speaking. Having completed the CSIU internship, she is also considering a minor in Journalism.