About Curriculum Services

  • “Our main intent is to try to help educators support students to be ready for life,” explained Bethann McCain, director of curriculum and innovation in curriculum services and professional development.

    The goal of the program is to increase student achievement by providing professional learning opportunities to all stakeholders in education. Her team provides workshops and seminars for teachers and administration in the areas of writing curriculum, understanding data and STEM. By providing further opportunities for professional learning, in turn they can provide more opportunities for students.

    The team supports students from Pre-K through college, and they also work with English as a Second Language (ESL) learners and non-public schools.

    Teachers continuing professional education can take courses at an extremely reduced rate. Bethann thinks people are unaware of this, and added that it can be incredibly valuable to anyone continuing his or her education.

    When asked, "Who benefits from your program?" Bethann’s answer summed up her passion for the program.

    “If we’re doing our job, everyone benefits,” she said.

    Written by Briana Shervinskie, a CSIU Summer 2018 Communications Intern. She is from Sunbury and is a junior at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio. She is a dual major in Public Relations and Organizational Communication with a minor in Public Speaking. Having completed the CSIU internship, she is also considering a minor in Journalism.