• Schools and communities across the nation are struggling to meet the complex mental health and wellness needs of students and their families. This one-stop webpage is intended to serve as a repository of resources for school personnel who are looking for solutions to their local needs. This resource map will continue to be developed over time by a representative Social and Emotional Wellness Committee and organized within a multi-tiered system. It will include information on the evidence-based assessments, programs, curriculum, consultants, and trainers available regionally to help build a sustainable, healthy social and emotional environment for students and staff.

    The Social and Emotional Wellness Committee of the CSIU Region came together early in 2019 in response to a growing need to support area districts and their communities in the following areas:

    • Crisis training and response teams
    • Suicide prevention and response
    • Trauma-informed school models
    • MTSS systems of support for mental health
    • Social and emotional learning professional development and support

    The S&EW committee meets monthly at the CSIU and is facilitated by Bernadette Boerckel, Director of Community Outreach.



    Kathleen Alexander, School Psychologist, CSIU
    Bernadette Boerckel, Chief Outreach Officer, CSIU
    Rae Ann Crispell, CSIU Supplemental Educational Services Program Manager
    Danielle Empson, Director of School-based Behavioral Health, McDowell Institute
    Randy Fox, Center for Safe Schools, Center for Schools and Community
    Jennifer Hain, Director of SUN Area Technical Institute
    Misty Harris, Educational Consultant, CSIU
    Shelly Hosterman, Geisinger
    Alice Justice, School Counselor (Retired), Consultant, CSIU 
    Cathy Keegan, Superintendent Milton Area School District
    Timothy Knoster, Executive Director of the McDowell Institute
    Anne Katona Linn, Educational and Systems Change Coach
    Terri Locke, Supervisor of Early Childhood Education, CSIU
    Emily Smith, Educational Consultant, CSIU
    Kristy Sones, Workforce Career Coordinator, CSIU
    Adrienne Mael, C-M, United Way
    Carol Paxton, Director of the Center for the Promotion of Social and Emotional Learning
    Joanne Troutman, President & CEO of the Greater Susquehanna Valley United Way
    Jennifer Williams, Director of Special Education and Early Childhood Services, CSIU
    Ellen Withrow, Grants, Research, and Development Coordinator, CSIU