• Schools and communities across the nation are struggling to meet the complex mental health and wellness needs of students and their families. This one-stop webpage is intended to serve as a repository of resources for school personnel who are looking for solutions to their local needs. This resource map will continue to be developed over time by a representative Mental Health & Resiliency Committee and organized within a multi-tiered system. It will include information on the evidence-based assessments, programs, curriculum, consultants, and trainers available regionally to help build a sustainable, healthy social and emotional environment for students and staff.

    The Mental Health & Resiliency Committee of the CSIU Region came together early in 2019 in response to a growing need to support area districts and their communities in the following areas:

    • Crisis training and response teams
    • Suicide prevention and response
    • Trauma-informed school models
    • MTSS systems of support for mental health
    • Social and emotional learning professional development and support

    Mental Health Advocacy Flyer, PAIU

    The MH&R committee meets monthly at the CSIU and is facilitated by Bernadette Boerckel, Director of Community Outreach.


    • Bernadette Boerckel, Chief Outreach Officer, CSIU
    • William Brecker, CASSP Coordinator, Northumberland Behavioral Health
    • Pete Cheddar, Superintendent, Mount Carmel Area School District
    • Rae Ann Crispell, Administrative Support Director, CSIU
    • Sarah Dobeck, Youth Community Coordinator, SUVW
    • Danielle Empson, Director of School-based Behavioral Health, McDowell Institute
    • Dr. Sam Faulkner, Geisinger Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health
    • Catherine Girton, Director of Student Services and School Safety and Security Coordinator, Milton Area School District
    • Kaitlyn Hall, Director of Early Childhood Education, CSIU
    • Frank Jankowski, Superintendent, Selinsgrove Area School District
    • Jennifer Jones, CASSP Coordinator, CMSU Counties
    • Alice Justice, School Counselor (Retired), Consultant, CSIU 
    • Anne Katona-Linn, Katona Linn Consulting, LLC
    • Tim Knoster, Executive Director of the McDowell Institute
    • Wendy Kupsky, Superintendent, Berwick Area School District
    • Terri Locke, Director of Special Education and Alternative Placement, CSIU
    • Adrienne Mael, CEO GSV Columbia & Montour United Ways
    • Ryan McNally, Director, Miller Center & Community Health Initiatives at Evangelical Community Hospital
    • Rebecca Perruquet, Warrior Run Community Schools Coordinator
    • Mallory Weymer, Grants, Research, and Development Coordinator, CSIU
    • Alison Wilson, Drug and Alcohol Prevention Supervisor, CMSU
    • Julie Petrin, Director of Behavioral Health Support Services, CSIU
    • Erin Demcher, Behavioral Health Support Services Project Coordinator, CSIU