• The CSIU Board of Directors held their regular monthly meeting on December 18, 2019. During the meeting an executive session was held to discuss a personnel matter. When the meeting was reconvened, a motion was made to appoint Dr. John Kurelja to the position of executive director of the CSIU upon the retirement of Dr. Kevin Singer, pending his acceptance of a contract for employment. This motion is the first step in a transition plan to culminate in the completion of Dr. Singer’s contract in June 2021.

    Dr. Singer commented, “Dr. Kurelja has been an educational leader in the Susquehanna Valley for over 20 years. His leadership experiences will help to guide the CSIU into the future. The Board and I have great confidence that the CSIU will continue with a smooth transition in leadership and will only become stronger as a leading educational service center. I join the Board of Directors in extending a sincere congratulations to Dr. Kurelja.”