• CSIU participates in kindness campaign

    February is not only known for Valentine's Day, but also for heart health month and the United Way's Kindness Campaign. 

    The CSIU has worked with the United Way on many issues and projects that have had a positive impact on the community throughout the years. During the week of February 10, CSIU staff embraced and participated in the United Way's Kindness campaign.

    CSIU staff are kind on a regular basis, but during this week, efforts were elevated to new levels. Specific acts of kindness were suggested on each day of the week, including complimenting or appreciating someone; cleaning up something; posting a positive message on social media; saying hello to someone new; and wearing red clothing in support of kindness. If one were to visit the CSIU or CSIU sites during those days, kindness was visible in person and as captured through hashtags #2020BeKind and #CSIUBeKind on social media channels. One anonymous CSIU staff member in the central office spread kindness by posting notes with kind and encouraging words throughout restrooms in the CSIU. One cannot help but to smile when reading these beautiful reminders. This act of kindness took a few seconds to complete, but left people with a good feeling all day long.

    Kindness week may have concluded for 2020, but let's continue with kindness efforts every day. Be kind. Not only is being kind good for your heart, but also good for your soul.

    View photos in the gallery to see more from the kindness campaign.