• We are excited to announce the January Know Your Impact Nominees!

    In celebration of 50 Years of Impact, and to continue living out the message that Drew Dudley delivered in our 2020 PLD Keynote, we are ALL seeking to notice and recognize the moments of leadership that impact our work and lives daily.

    January brought in 8 nominations for Program and Community Impact Awards! Each nominee is recognized below, on our website, and on social media. Please take a few moments out of your day to read about these valued members of the CSIU family and to congratulate them for making a difference--for making an IMPACT!

    Thank you also to the colleagues who nominated them! Keep up the good work, everyone! We are accepting nominations for February through the 24th.

    Nominate a colleague for a February "Know Your Impact" Award.


  •  Abigail Lopez


    Abigail Lopez
    Community Impact Award


    Why Abigail was nominated: 
    Abigail is always caring for others and checking in on them on her own time. She is always encouraging others rather than letting them be upset. She gives motivation to keep pushing forward, no matter the challenge. Abby knows proper ways of handling situations the best that she can. She should be recognized for her generosity and encouragement!

     Tiara Magargle


    Tiara Magargle
    Program Impact Award, Nominated by Jenn Gardner


    Why Tiara was nominated: 
    Tiara has grown tremendously in her role as Grant and Budget Analyst in just a few short years. In addition to making the role her own by revamping worksheets and improving processes, she has built positive relationships with program managers, our grant writer and business office colleagues. She is extremely organized,  allowing her to take on many new grant assignments, never missing a deadline and always prepared to respond to special requests. Tiara's impact at the CSIU is just beginning and her future is bright!

    Patricia Morgan



    Patricia Morgan
    Program Impact Award, Nominated by Alison Horne


     Why Patricia was nominated: 
    Pat is a wonderful and kind person who is on her game. She is very helpful to all, and is a good selection for the CSIU Know Your Impact award! It's no wonder she has been nominated multiple times thus far.


    Eric Shearer


    Eric Shearer
    Program Impact Award, Nominated by Alison Horne



    Why Eric was nominated: 
    Eric is very helpful and quick to respond to inquiries.


    Vonne Campbell



    Vonne Campbell
    Program Impact Award, Nominated by Mary Mingle


    Why Vonne was nominated: 

    After working for many years in the Migrant Education program, Vonne became an adult education instructor, preparing students to pass the GED and earn their high school equivalency credential. Vonne retired from the CSIU, but continued to work in both programs and tutor students for the WATCH Project, ELECT, and YES to the Future. We don't know where she gets all her energy, but we do know that her caring and concern for her students is what motivates her and what keeps her students coming to class, even when things get tough.

    Despite years of experience helping students succeed, Vonne continues to learn new content to meet the demands of new assessments and adapt to the changing needs of our students and the organization. For the last three years, she has helped adult learners prepare for the Central Susquehanna LPN Career Center's TEAS entrance exam.

    Vonne is always willing to explore and adopt new strategies and is a valuable contributor to our professional learning community. During the COVID shut down, she learned ZOOM and how to use its features to teach her students. She has taught many adult learners how to use ZOOM, including a few young adults. She is truly a lifelong learner and an excellent educator!

     Jacqueline McNeil


    Jacqueline McNeil
    Program Impact Award, Nominated by Jessica Roberts


    Why Jacqueline was nominated: 
    Jackie came onboard as my new assistant this year and has made a really hard year with challenging circumstances, manageable, and even enjoyable. She is always looking for new and creative ways to help our students learn. She goes above and beyond to support me and our families at Warrior Run Pre-k Counts Blue, including researching new learning resources, searching for materials to make individual sensory boxes for every student, and creating supplemental learning materials for our learning centers. Jackie has been a blessing for my classroom and for our students!

     Leslie Hayhurst


    Leslie Hayhurst
    Community Impact Award, Nominated by Janet Rauch


    Why Leslie was nominated: 
    Leslie has been an Early Intervention teacher for more than 20 years with experience working with preschoolers with special needs. She has always put her heart and soul into helping these young children meet their highest potential and growth. Beyond her dedication to "work" related goals, Leslie has provided countless personal hours supporting parents as they accept and continue to work through the special needs of their children. As a Speech Therapist working with Leslie for many years, I have seen her provide creative solutions to community-based programs, provide support to both teachers in preschools and families in their homes. She has been willing to take risks, try new technology and continue to put children and their needs first. She has been a calm, listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, a passionate advocate for youngsters in need, and has provided a standard of excellence in supporting children in community programs. She has watched and immersed herself in the myriad of changes that of come to Special Education with preschoolers through the years. She continues to be a beacon of hope for families and children as they navigate their way toward developing their highest potential.

       Karen Lehman


    Karen Lehman
    Community Impact Award, Nominated by Shileste Overton-Morris


    Why Karen was nominated: 
    Karen Lehman has worked at the Center for Schools and Communities for more than 15 years. She is a critical thinker and has contributed much to the CSC Leadership team. During her tenure, Karen's innovative thinking has led to improvements in the quality of the services and products her team delivers. For example, during COVID-19, Karen led her team and other CSC staff in delivering the first virtual conference. Paving the Way Conference focused on supporting individuals who work for, or on behalf of students experiencing homelessness and in foster care. More than 1,000 participants attended the two-day event; the Center's highest number of participants for any virtual event. Karen was also recently awarded the Joan Benso Professional Development Fund, in honor of Pennsylvania Partnership for Children's former president and CEO. The Board of Directors created a scholarship program to support nonprofit leaders in Pennsylvania's child-serving fields to enhance their management and leadership skills. Only six scholarships were awarded in the state. I am grateful for Karen's leadership and contributions!