• We are excited to announce the March Know Your Impact Nominees!

    In celebration of 50 Years of Impact, and to continue living out the message that Drew Dudley delivered in our 2020 PLD Keynote, we are ALL seeking to notice and recognize the moments of leadership that impact our work and lives daily.

    Staff are nominated for a CSIU Program Impact Award (work-related success/achievement) and/or a CSIU Community Impact Award (large or small acts of kindness, generosity, motivation, encouragement, etc. related to work at the CSIU).

    March brought in nine nominations for Program and Community Impact Awards! Each nominee is recognized below and in a CSIU Staff Newsletter. Please take a few moments out of your day to read about these valued members of the CSIU family and to congratulate them for making a difference--for making an IMPACT!

    Thank you also to the colleagues who nominated them! Keep up the good work, everyone! We are accepting nominations for April through the 27th.

    Nominate a colleague for an April "Know Your Impact" Award.

March Winners

  • Brittany Bortz


    Brittany Bortz — Teacher
    Community Impact Award


    Why Brittany was nominated: 
    Brittany is one of many staff members who has achieved several goals for her career. She is currently going to school to further her degree in education to teach young children. Brittany is dedicated to the CSIU education program of Head Start because she shows encouragement, care, motivation, kindness and hard work. Working with her gives staff members joy, laughter, and excitement as her personality is full of all of the aforementioned characteristics! We look forward to talking to and getting ideas from her. She is always helping others out the best she can. It's not often she shows signs of weakness but rather shows her strengths in her teaching career. This is something we need more of! We are proud of Brittany for continuing her career (going to school) in education and for having such a great, positive impact on us all! We wish Brittany the best of luck and want to thank her for her hard work and dedication to the CSIU! 

     Tanya Dynda


    Tanya Dynda — Instructional Technology & STEM Support
    Program Impact Award, Nominated by Keri Kubilak


    Why Tanya was nominated: 
    Tanya has worked endlessly to assist the Direct Care Worker (DCW) Heroes program in designing, training and implementing our trainings into an online format to meet the needs of our participants during this time of limited face-to-face trainings. She has worked long, late hours to assist us in getting this effort up and running quickly. 

    Jennifer Bower


    Jennifer Bower — Early Head Start

    Program Impact Award, Nominated by Alison Horne


    Why Jennifer was nominated: 
    In working with Jen for a year and a half, it was noticed how caring she is about her students and student families. She goes above and beyond to advocate for each one and in very caring ways.

     Marissa Koch


    Marissa Koch — 21st Century Learning Center After School Program
    Program Impact Award, Nominated by Donna Walter

    Why Marissa was nominated: 
    Marissa has gone above and beyond in running her virtual after school program at the Milton Area Middle School and also pitching in to cover the virtual after school program at Baugher Elementary School. Marissa also took the initiative to create and present a virtual parent event for students and families in the Milton, Mount Carmel, and Shamokin Area after school programs. 

    Donna Bunch


    Donna Bunch — ELECT

    Program Impact Award, Nominated by Dr. Molly Nied


    Why Donna was nominated: 
    Donna has gone above and beyond to support students in need.  Donna exemplifies the amazing work that the ELECT team does on a daily basis for pregnant and parenting teens! 

     Hiliary Haddon


    Hiliary Haddon — ELECT
    Program Impact Award, Nominated by Dr. Molly Nied

    Why Hiliary was nominated: 
    Hiliary is a caring leader who understands the day-to-day challenges that the people on her team face. She supports her team members and supports the students that are served through the ELECT program. Hiliary is working with Donna to go the extra mile to support students in need.

    Dr. Anthony Serafini


    Dr. Anthony (Tony) Serafini — Curriculum

    Community Impact Award, Nominated by Dr. Bernadette Boerckel


    Why Anthony was nominated: 
    Tony went above and beyond behind the scenes helping to process vaccination data and spreadsheets required to make the CSIU's vaccination clinic possible. He ensured that everyone who wanted a vaccine could get one. This included cleaning data, fixing emails, making phone calls, and really doing anything necessary. He was also a tremendous help at the clinic itself!

    Jeff Kay


    Jeff Kay — Marketplace

    Community Impact Award, Nominated by Dr. Bernadette Boerckel


    Why Jeff was nominated: 
    Jeff used his skills and talents to create interactive spreadsheets that helped us anticipate appointment availability for the CSIU's vaccine clinic. This played a big role in our ability to use all 2,800+ vaccinations! Not one vaccine was wasted!

    Vickie Norman


    Vickie Norman — PIMS Client Support Specialist
    Program Impact Award, Nominated by Nicola Manning-Davenport


    Why Vickie was nominated: 
    Vickie Norman is a valued member of the PIMS Support team. She has been instrumental in helping PIMS Support in the transition to the new phone system. She is willing to take on additional duties to help the team. For example, she volunteered to help complete the monthly service level agreement statistics that are sent to the Pennsylvania Department of Education. She is always kind and helpful to clients and other members of the team.