• Get to know ZOOM.

    Our program uses ZOOM for our live, instructor-led online classes. ZOOM is easy to use but it is important for you to become familiar with some of the ZOOM features before you start class. 


    Join a ZOOM

    You can use ZOOM on a smartphone, computer, laptop and tablet. The ZOOM app is easy to download and install.

    The first time you click on a link that we send you, the ZOOM app will automatically install.

    Take a look at this tutorial on Joining a Meeting to see how to join a meeting when the instructor sends you a ZOOM link.

    Scroll down to see how you join using your Android or iPhone.


    Learn About ZOOM

    To learn about all the buttons and features of ZOOM, check out this video from Farah Faraclas at ZOOM:

    How to Use ZOOM Meeting Controls

    This video might start with sub-titles or "closed captioning" turned on, which will block your view of ZOOM buttons.

    To turn these off, click on the CC icon in the lower right corner of the video.

    It looks like this:   Image of the CC icon in a Youtube video



    When Your Audio or Video Doesn't Work

    ZOOM is pretty good at figuring out how to connect with your device's web camera and microphone, but sometimes you may experience a problem with your audio or video.

    Maybe you can't hear the instructor -- or the instructor can't hear you.

    Learn how to fix these audio and video problems by watch this video from ZOOM:

    How to Configure Your ZOOM Meeting Audio/Video