• We are excited to announce the April Know Your Impact Nominees!

    In celebration of 50 Years of Impact, and to continue living out the message that Drew Dudley delivered in our 2020 PLD Keynote, we are ALL seeking to notice and recognize the moments of leadership that impact our work and lives daily.

    Staff are nominated for a CSIU Program Impact Award (work-related success/achievement) and/or a CSIU Community Impact Award (large or small acts of kindness, generosity, motivation, encouragement, etc. related to work at the CSIU).

    April brought in 14 nominations for Program and Community Impact Awards! Each nominee is recognized below and on our website. Please take a few moments out of your day to read about these valued members of the CSIU family and to congratulate them for making a difference--for making an IMPACT!

    Thank you also to the colleagues who nominated them! Keep up the good work, everyone! We are accepting nominations for May through the 26th.

    Nominate a colleague for a May "Know Your Impact" Award.


April Winners

  • Beth Hoffer


    Elizabeth (Beth) Hoffer
    Youth Development Program Coordinator

    Program Impact Award, Nominated by Karen Lehman


    Why Beth was nominated: 
    At the Center for Schools and Communities we have provided hundreds of webinars and meetings via Zoom during the pandemic including two major conferences with more than 900 participants. Beth is highly skilled as a technical moderator and she has the ability to train others. Staff know that they can go to her for assistance with their events and to receive additional tips and suggestions on moderating their own Zoom sessions. Even when Beth has a to-do list a mile long, she is always willing to help and will find time so that the CSC's standard of delivery for professional development events remains 5 star.

    "One of the tenants of the mission of the Center for Schools and Communities is Building Capacity. Beth is an example of how an employee can use their own strengths to build the capacity of others in the organization and beyond."

     Pamela Reeves


    Pamela Reeves
    Special Education: Five Star

    Program Impact Award, Nominated by Jennifer Bowman, Kristie Startzel and Erin Hepworth

    Why Pamela was nominated: 

    Pam is a fantastic social worker. She has great rapport with the students and their families. Her students have a high level of trust with her and value all of the different activities she does with them including community service opportunities, games, and even baking.

    As her teammates, we are so appreciative of Pam's dynamic and other-centered personality. She is always thinking of others; just ask the staff about her amazing cake pops!

    In addition to her role as a clinical social worker, Pam serves as the Five Star Safe Crisis Management (SCM) Trainer. She regularly seeks out new resources to support her students and other staff to keep current with social work practices. She has shown a particular interest in trauma-informed care. When presenting our SCM training she could have taken the easy (boring) way out and presented the standard materials which our experienced staff have had many times. However, she went above and beyond to integrate trauma-informed practices and other alternative resources to make the training more meaningful and interactive for staff.

    We are so lucky to work with Pam. She is an extraordinary social worker and colleague. We thank you for all that you do!

    "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." -Aesop.

    Dave Marshall, Mary Wellington and Rob Carmo


     Dave Marshall, Mary Wellington and Rob Carmo
    Center for Schools and Communities
    Program Impact Award, Nominated by Shileste Overton-Morris

     Why Dave, Mary and Rob were nominated: 

    The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) and the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (DHS) approached the Center to undertake a new project focused on providing benefits to free and reduced lunch students attending school virtually or hybrid. The project had experienced some challenges, and the Center was asked to identify and implement solutions quickly. Under the leadership of Dave Marshall, Mary (Missy) and Rob worked tirelessly to develop a work plan and budget that addressed the challenges faced by PDE and DHS and was ultimately approved by the federal government in less than a week!

    The project is now up and running and the departments have lauded the team for their quick response and commitment to ensuring high-quality services to those most impacted by the pandemic.

    "Dave, Missy, and Rob worked hard to ensure that students receiving free and reduced lunch benefits were a priority, recognizing the impact of the pandemic on food insecurity for those most at-risk for going hungry."

     Dr. Anthony Serafini


    Dr. Anthony (Tony) Serafini
    Director of Professional Development
    Program Impact Award, Nominated by Bob Horne

    Why Anthony was nominated: 
    Tony has always been kind and helpful. I have been a Guest Teacher for a few years now and Tony has been so helpful in making sure I have work daily! He is respectful and kind and someone you enjoy working for each day!

    "Kind, considerate of others and hard working, a real nice guy to work for!"

    Paula Morales


    Paula Morales
    Special Education: Five Star
    Program Impact Award, Nominated by Erin Hepworth and Jill Snyder

    Why Paula was nominated: 
    In addition to all the challenges we have all faced this year with the COVID-19 pandemic, Paula has had a few extra challenges in her role as a behavior intervention assistant. There has been an increase in the number of more challenging students at Five Star. She has stepped up to support her team and students in working through challenging behaviors. She has been a real team player throughout a complicated year, jumps right in when accepting change, and takes proactive steps to support students. She has been her team's go-to person for several students because of her calm, direct, and planned approach to behavior interventions.

     Jill Snyder

    Jill Snyder
    Special Education: Five Star
    Program Impact Award, Nominated by Elizabeth Hepworth

    Why Jill was nominated: 
    Despite being in her first year as a school social worker in a center-based emotional support program, Jill has stepped up to support not just her classroom, but another classroom who has been short-staffed. Jill has happily (with a smile) jumped in to this position. Her energy, positivity, and enthusiasm have been assets to the students and staff of the program.

    Kevin Briggs


    Kevin Briggs
    Coordinator at the Center for the Promotion of Social and Emotional Learning (CSC)
    Community Impact Award, Nominated by Carol Paxton

    Why Kevin was nominated: 

    As the coordinator at the Center for the Promotion of Social and Emotional Learning, Kevin has been helping multiple schools implement social and emotional learning and has received high praise from the schools for his work. In addition, he recently helped a CSIU district apply for a social and emotional learning grant and helped the district receive a submission extension when a crisis delayed the process.

    "Kevin is amazing to work with. Knowing that Kevin needed to focus and address the components of the grant, he was able to work with my leadership team to tailor the sessions to meet our needs. In the time of so much uncertainty with the pandemic, returning to school full-time from our hybrid model on March 22, Kevin practiced what he preached, SEL. He took into full consideration the concerns the staff shared about the re-entry of student and teacher stress. He provided opportunities for the staff to share their concerns as well as provided them resources to help assist them to improve the overall culture and climate. We are thankful for our partnership with Highmark, CSIU and Dr. Briggs!" - Dr. Len Reppert, Principal at Southern Columbia Middle School

    Pam Inch


    Pam Inch
    Special Education Professional Development
    Program Impact Award

    Why Pam was nominated: 
    Pam is always there when you need support. Regardless of whether the project falls under her typical duties, if there is a need, she is always willing to help. Pam is a true CSIU team member....one might even say she is is "CSIU through and through." Thank you Pam for all that you do!

    Choe Dvorshak


    Chloe Dvorshak
    Teacher Assistant: SCC
    Community Impact Award


    Why Chloe was nominated: 

    She is always looking for ways to cheer people up when they are down! When you're not having a good day Chloe will make sure that you will be laughing and smiling before you leave for the day. She is dedicated to furthering her career by currently attending school. She is a pleasure to have around, very outgoing, easy to get along with and always helping everyone else with their work ethics at the CSIU. When it comes to needing help with work-related issues she definitely will make sure you get the help when needed! The staff, kids and parents all love her enthusiastic caring personality and we all love her for her. Keep up the good work!

    Keep on Bussin!

    Anna Landis


    Anna Landis
    Teacher: SCC
    Program Impact Award

    Why Anna was nominated: 

    Anna is a dedicated worker who knows the programs, policies and procedures like a book! She is a very kind, caring, and dependable worker. When there is a technical issue, Anna is the one who can help with the problem and she not only fixes the problem, she will show you and let you do it yourself as she helps guide you so you can learn. She has her certifications because she has a love for teaching young children everything they need to learn to be able to move on up. Anna will make sure she has her work done and on time. We love working with her and wouldn't want it any other way!

    "Keep the good hard work up!"

    Regina Salvador


    Regina Salvador
    Center for Schools and Communities Event Planning Specialist
    Program Impact Award, Nominated by Dana Graupensperger

    Why Regina was nominated: 

    Regina works across all programs to support large event planning. While she is an expert in in-person event planning, she has had to shift her knowledge quickly to virtual event planning. Regina has independently researched trends, procedures, and best practices in virtual event planning without being directed to do so. She is a leader for the administrative support staff at the Center and has helped each conference and large event succeed. Her positive attitude and forward thinking make her a huge asset to the CSC. We appreciate you Regina!

    "Regina's work is essential to the success of events hosted by the Center for Schools and Communities."

    Jan Scherer


    Jan Scherer
    Swan Helpline Lead Coordinator
    Program Impact Award, Nominated by Laura Saccente

    Why Jan was nominated: 

    Jan has been a true leader over the last several months with her SWAN Helpline team in navigating increases in client support needs during several staff transitions. She has been a rock for her staff during this time and responsive to agency needs.

    "Jan has a passion for the clients she serves and the staff she supports. She has led the SWAN Helpline through the pandemic effortlessly despite staff transitions and increased client need."