• We are excited to announce the May Know Your Impact Nominees!

    In celebration of 50 Years of Impact, and to continue living out the message that Drew Dudley delivered in our 2020 PLD Keynote, we are ALL seeking to notice and recognize the moments of leadership that impact our work and lives daily.

    Staff are nominated for a CSIU Program Impact Award (work-related success/achievement) and/or a CSIU Community Impact Award (large or small acts of kindness, generosity, motivation, encouragement, etc. related to work at the CSIU).

    May brought in 10 nominations for Program and Community Impact Awards! Each nominee is recognized below and on our website. Please take a few moments out of your day to read about these valued members of the CSIU family and to congratulate them for making a difference--for making an IMPACT!

    Thank you also to the colleagues who nominated them! Keep up the good work, everyone! We are accepting nominations for June through the 28th.

    Nominate a colleague for a June "Know Your Impact" Award.


May Winners

  • Holly Thomas


    Holly Thomas
    Business Office Supervisor

    Program Impact Award, Nominated by Katherine Vastine


    Why Holly was nominated: 
    Holly is always willing to take the time to answer questions and provide clarity when needed. I was recently struggling with Adobe Sign and Holly was right there to support me - even at 9 p.m.!

     Lorraine Marcheski


    Lorraine Marcheski
    Behavior Intervention Assistant

    Program Impact Award, Nominated by Nannette Cooper

    Why Lorraine was nominated: 

    I have had the pleasure of working side-by-side with Lorraine for more than 15 years at the CSIU's Five Star Program. She provides daily positive behavior supports to, often, very challenging students, does all things progress monitoring/data fluidly, creates and facilitates engaging social skills lessons, oversees student leadership (which includes creating our student council) and is part of the SWPBS Tier 2 team....just to name a few.

    Lorraine has made such an impact on so many students' lives with her enthusiasm, caring nature, dedication, positive energy and great sense of humor. We are beyond lucky to have her on our team!

    "Lorraine goes above and beyond in everything she does!"

     Kathryn Cook


    Kathryn Cook
    Student Transportation & Substitute Placement Administrative Assistant
    Community Impact Award, Nominated by Laura Adams

    Why Kathryn was nominated: 
    Kathryn started in a new position at the Watsontown Children's Center in the fall. She has taken on the role to support the staff in the building with tasks outside of the classroom that help teachers concentrate on their students. She communicates with the building staff regularly with details that are important to the safety, health, and day-to-day operations in the center. She organized the picture day for the building and helped the safety committee develop protocols to keep students and faculty safe.

    Wanda Stamm


    Wanda Stamm
    Early Intervention Instructional Assistant
    Program Impact Award, Nominated by Kristin Robatin

    Why Wanda was nominated: 
    Wanda is one of my teaching assistants. She goes above and beyond every day. She loves kids of all ages. Our classroom is located in the Midd-West middle school where she visits the middle school special needs kids on her lunch break. She has Halloween parties at her home and invites former students and goes out of her way to make everyone feel special and loved. She always knows what I, the classroom teacher, needs and does it before I have to ask.

    Wanda is retiring in June and is going to be missed by the kids, staff and parents. 

    "She is irreplaceable and I am so glad I had the opportunity to work with her and have the privilege to call her my friend."

     Barbara Brodie

    Barbara Brodie
    Instructional Support Program Assistant
    Program Impact Award, Nominated by Kara Druckenmiller

    Why Barbara was nominated: 
    Barb has gone above and beyond in her role as a job coach. Even during the pandemic she has found ways to get our students involved and working in various positions by thinking outside the box.

    Chrysti Pontius


    Chrysti Pontius
    Special Education Teacher, Work Foundations+
    Community Impact Award, Nominated by Tehani Grenell

    Why Chrysti was nominated: 

    Since my first day on the job, Chrysti has not only been a mentor to me, but to every student she comes in contact with. She always sees the positive in not only the staff, but all of our students. She is a significant role model to them and to me. When students are faced with challenges, she doesn't give up on them or allow them to give up on themselves.

    "She truly is the type of person I strive to be!" 

    Tammy Wilt


    Tammy Wilt
    Early Intervention Instructional Assistant
    Program Impact Award, Nominated by Nancy Jacobs

    Why Tammy was nominated: 
    Tammy is a teaching assistant in my early intervention classroom. We have been working together for nearly 20 years. She is kind and compassionate toward students and staff. She goes above and beyond to help our students develop, grow and flourish. She provides instruction to some of our most needy students by planning and carrying out lessons that are at their level. She researches the needs of our students, follows through on the goals written by myself and our related staff, and maintains written and verbal communication on the child's successes and needs. Tammy uses appropriate assistive technology with students who need it, programs communication devices, and created a video to help parents know how to program their child's device.

    She is the reason I have printer ink, classrooom supplies, and toys that are needed to help our students learn. Tammy also maintains contact with parents and students we have had in our classroom in the past. She continues to be a resource for them as they go onto the next stage of their education. I am very blessed to have her on my team.

    "The children love their Miss Tammy!" 

    Cindy Clotfelter, Nicole Herriman and Diane Morgan





    Cindy Clotfelter 

    Trust Services Technical Specialist
    Program Impact Award, Nominated by Debra Barren

    Nicole Herriman 
    Cooperative Employee Benefit Services Fiscal Specialist
    Program Impact Award, Nominated by Debra Barren

    Diane Morgan 
    Executive Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer
    Program Impact Award, Nominated by Debra Barren 

    Why Cindy, Nicole and Diane were nominated: 

    Cindy, Nicole, and Diane have shown their diligence and dedication repeatedly as multiple transitions and changes have occurred in their work environment. As systems have changed, and the way they perform their tasks has changed, they have risen to the challenges and adjustments without missing a beat.

    It's encouraging to see them step up whenever a little extra help is needed. I would like to thank and acknowledge them for not only working well together as a team, but for what each one of them individually brings to the CSIU. Thank you!