• Introduction

    The goal of the Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit (CSIU) Differentiated Supervision and Evaluation Plan is to INSPIRE individuals to reach their highest potential and STRIVE for innovation and excellence through engaging and personalized professional growth opportunities that lend themselves to improved instructional practices and increased student achievement. The CSIU Differentiated Supervision and Evaluation Plan fulfills the requirements of Pennsylvania’s Educator Effectiveness programs outlined under Act 82 and Act 13. This plan consists of the formal, differentiated, and performance improvement modes of supervision.

    Supervision Cycle

    The CSIU Differentiated Supervision and Evaluation Plan spans a three-year period. Professional employees are assigned to one of three cycles, with each cycle corresponding to either differentiated or formal observation more. Professionals who have received a “Satisfactory” summative rating in their previous two years of practice are eligible for differentiated supervision while Temporary professional educators are not eligible for the differentiated plan.

    Newly hired CSIU professional employees are considered eligible for the differentiated supervision after obtaining a satisfactory evaluation during the first year of employment with the CSIU.  

    The school administration reserves the right to remove an educator from Differentiated Supervision Mode at any time and reassign the employee to either the Formal Observation or Performance Improvement Mode.

    Evaluation/Supervision Tools

    The CSIU makes use of the PaETEP System to facilitate evaluations for all staff working within the PreK-12 Education Field. Staff can access the CSIU's Evaluation portal by clicking on the banner link below. This site will facilitate the evaluation process for employees and house all forms needed to complete your evaluation. 


     Please select the evaluation role below that most closely aligns with your position to learn more about your evaluation.


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