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Guest Teacher Program


Guest Teacher Program

The CSIU Guest Teacher Program is a service utilized by the CSIU and offered to local school districts and career and technical centers. The Guest Teacher (GT) Program provides substitute teacher training to individuals who have a bachelor’s degree, but do not have, or have never held a Pennsylvania teaching certificate. Interactive training sessions provide strategies for effective instruction and management of traditional, non-traditional, and special education classrooms, as well as offer a variety of resources. The CSIU GT program is an exciting opportunity for those interested in working in schools within the CSIU footprint. Guest teachers have the opportunity to work alongside district and IU educational professionals to provide much needed substitute support during these challenging times.

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Our Vision

During the summer and fall of 2021 the Dr. John Kurelja conducted structured interviews with the CSIU Board of Directors, superintendents, senior leaders, supervisors, members of the teaching staff and members of the community. Dr. Kurelja reported the following findings in the summary of his entry plan:

 • Relationships and communications have improved significantly over the last 10 years and more recently the pandemic provided an opportunity to deepen these relationships.

• There is a need to improve communications internally and externally about the programs and services the CSIU provides.

• As we look to the future, better communication of our capacity will lead to enhanced relationships with existing partners and new opportunities with those that better understand what we do.

• There is a great deal of confidence in the marketplace philosophy the CSIU utilizes to operate.

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Customer Appreciation Program

Since 2013, the CSIU has sponsored a customer appreciation program to reward school districts and career and technical schools in the CSIU region for participating in the CSIU's cooperative purchasing programs.

The board approved returning 35 percent of the fees generated by the local districts under our KPN and PEPPM programs. The total amount distributed to CSIU districts was almost $66,000, with every local district and career and technical school participating. The KPN and PEPPM rebate has been extended into the 2021-22 school year, as well.

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Trust Funding Holiday Give Back

On October 21, 2021, The Central Susquehanna Trust Trustees approved the adoption of a one-month medical funding holiday during the 2022-23 fiscal year. The funding holiday will be limited to active employee’s medical insurance for the month of September 2022. The funding holiday represents approximately a $4,100,000 return of health insurance premiums to CS Trust member school districts for next school year and a total return over $8,000,000 in health insurance premiums over the past two fiscal school years.

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