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Thank You, CSIU Board Members!


Thank You!

January is designated as School Director Recognition Month in honor of the commitment and volunteer work school directors do on behalf of schools, intermediate units and communities. This month, the CSIU honored its Board members with the help of Jessica Harry, Special Education and Off-Site Facilities Support Program Supervisor; Rob Welch, Building Trades Teacher; and CSIU Work Foundations+ students. As a thank you for their service, students presented directors with beautiful wooden window box planters they designed, created and filled with fresh herbs.


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Thank You, CSIU Board of Directors

CSIU Board members serve not only one, but two educational entities for which the CSIU is most grateful. From voting on budgets to adopting policy to conducting comprehensive planning, you make key decisions that drive public education. The work is both complex and diverse.You devote, on average, 10 hours each month to board business, which has only been made more challenging by the pandemic and related issues affecting the well-being of our students and families.

Your service to your district and the CSIU is unpaid, and the majority of school directors indicated their primary reason for serving is to give back or contribute to public education, or to improve educational outcomes for students. 

Thank you for your commitment to ensuring that each student has opportunities to thrive and that our public schools remain pathways to a bright future.

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Health and Safety Plan: Adhering to CDC Guidance

The CSIU’s Health and Safety Plan is written to respond and follow changes to guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the PA Department of Health, and the PA Department of Education. This month, no changes are being made to the plan, but several areas of developing guidance should be noted:

  • CSIU Isolation and Quarantine Guidance
    The CSIU will follow the shortened quarantine and isolation guidance, provided that students and staff can comply with the masking requirements detailed in the guidance. For those who cannot, traditional isolation and quarantine periods are required. 
  • As a result of the high transmissibility of the Delta and Omicron virus variants and the need for many to still receive boosters and initial vaccines, staff and visitors shall continue masking indoors in all CSIU buildings and classrooms until community transmission rates in the counties served return to the moderate level. 
  • Students in instructional settings will mask in accordance with the CSIU’s Health and Safety Plan and CDC Guidance.
LPN Center Move

LPN Career Center Graduation and Opening

The Central Susquehanna LPN Career Center (CSLPNCC) graduated 15 students from its 110th class on Dec. 16 in a ceremony held at United Lutheran Church on Seven Points Road outside of Sunbury. This marks the last class to complete their studies at the school’s Lewisburg location. The CSLPNCC opened the doors of its new location on Lawton Lane, Milton, on Jan. 3, in the building previously known as the CSIU’s Annex.

The move, a CSIU community event involving maintenance crews, LPN Center faculty and staff, and more than 20 students and staff from Work Foundations+ took place just before the holiday break. Those participating assisted by unloading trucks, assembling desks (pictured above), and performing many other moving and cleaning tasks. 

In addition to financial benefits, moving the LPN Career Center unites its program and staff with the CSIU main campus, where it will continue the mission of providing state of the art training and support, for which the LPN Center is consistently recognized.

The Board and the public will be invited to a ribbon cutting ceremony and facilities tour to be held in the spring.

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