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Direct Care Worker (DCW) Heroes


Direct Care Worker (DCW) Heroes

Direct Care Worker Heroes is a Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry direct care worker training grant that offers career services to new and currently employed direct care worker (DCW) professionals. These individuals work in positions such as home health aides, CNAs and as paraprofessionals. They are employed in settings such as private homes, nursing facilities, hospitals, facilities for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities, non-residential day programs and daycares. Direct care workers are also one of the largest and fastest growing workforces in the country. They are a lifeline for those they serve, as well as for families and individuals struggling to provide quality care.

Watch the video to hear about Tamika's DCW Heroes program experience.


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2021 CSIU Year
in Review

In celebration of CSIU values and to highlight a variety of program, staff, and partner accomplishments throughout 2021, the Public Relations Department published an interactive Year in Review magazine.

The purpose of this digital and print review is to tell a few of the many inspiring and innovative stories of the CSIU through short, visual features, with links to additional information, videos, and web pages. While it couldn’t possibly capture everything that happened in our many departments, sites, and classrooms, we hope it will serve as a tool to answer the often-heard “What does the CSIU do?” question and to demonstrate how Together We Rise!


CSIU Financial Information System 

By the fall of 2022, the CSIU Financial Information Systems (FIS) team will finalize the transition of all financial software clients to the CSIU's FIS software. Over the last five years, the following were standout items:

   Prior to transitioning to
    FIS, the CSIU had 270

  • A 96% client percent
    retention rate was
    maintained during the
    transition; and

  • 37 new clients (districts
    who used a competitor
    and switched to the
    CSIU’s FIS), were added
    resulting in an overall
    increase of 8 percent.

This is truly a remarkable effort by the CSIU's computer services and technology teams. The loyalty of CSIU customers is greatly appreciated.The staff works tirelessly to earn and keep their trust—and these results are a testament to their efforts.

Larry Augustine holding studio plaque

Board President Recognized

Congratulations to CSIU Board President, Larry Augustine. 

Susquehanna University
recently dedicated the Larry Augustine Studio at WQSU to honor Mr. Augustine’s more than 50 years of distinguished service to the university.

. As a key member of the faculty, he was instrumental in establishing several of the University’s signature academic programs, including communications and theatre.

He was a driving force behind the establishment of WQSU, which first broadcast on May 14, 1967. The station made major strides under his leadership, where he served as the general manager from its founding until his retirement in 2016.

Professor Augustine’s dual passions for teaching and radio enabled countless students to have real and meaningful broadcasting experiences during their time on-air at WQSU. The station has been recognized as one of the top college radio stations in the country, and Susquehanna University is proud to name the main studio for its founder.

Photo from Susquehanna
University Facebook post.

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