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    Congratulations to the August CSIU: Living Our Values Winners!

    As announced at 2022 Professional Leadership Day (PLD), the CSIU has implemented a new award program, "CSIU: Living Our Values". The program recognizes colleagues for their commitment to CSIU values: 

      • Service to others 
      • Passion for excellence
      • Equity in action
      • Innovation for growth

    August brought in 13 nominations for the awards! Please take a few moments out of your day to read about these valued members of the CSIU family and to congratulate them for making a difference by Living Our Values through service to others, passion for excellence, equity in action and innovation for growth!

    Nominate a colleague for a September award by the 28th.

August Winners

  • Bernadette Boerckel

    Dr. Bernadette Boerckel


    Living Our Values: Service to Others, Nominated by Rae Ann Crispell


    Why Bernadette was nominated: 

    Bernadette coordinates the Mental Health and Resiliency Community of Practice. This work has led to making connections between school districts, higher education, healthcare and community organizations. Her commitment to service in supporting the Nescopeck/Berwick community provided individuals with trauma support and aftercare.

     Anthony Serafini

    Dr. Anthony Serafini
    Living Our Values: Passion for Excellence Award, Nominated by Dr. John Kurelja

    Why Anthony (Tony) was nominated: 

    Tony is working very hard to grow educational offerings for local school districts through creative partnerships and by obtaining new learning opportunities for local educators. As a result of his work with Immaculata University, a local doctoral cohort will take place at the CSIU.

     Lori Stehle

    Lori Stehle & Nick Kriner

    Computer Services
    Living Our Values: Innovation for Growth


    Why Lori and Nick were nominated: 

    Lori Stehle and Nick Kriner work to find solutions and are dedicated to quality, as well as putting in the extra effort to assist co-workers that work directly with clients. Nick is involved in new projects that will move CSIU products to new options and connectivity.

    "They collaborate with partner company's programmers to develop needed technical connections while working to ensure project goals are maintained and that the design will be successful."

    Joey Melvin

    Joey Melvin
    Center for Safe Schools
    Living Our Values: Innovation for Growth Award, Nominated by Michelle Kern


    Why Joey was nominated: 

    Every time we meet, I ask Joey if he has been 'thinking' so I know how to prepare myself for his next idea. Joey has been the earthquake the Center for Safe Schools needed for new innovative ideas and to grow the program. He leads his team with humor and openness to new and creative solutions to current and future challenges.

     Doug McRoberts

    Doug McRoberts

    Next Century, Inc. (NXC) employee serving CSIU's Driver Education Program
    Living Our Values: Service to Others, Nominated by Kelli Eichenlaub

    Why Doug was nominated: 

    Doug has been a huge asset to the Driver Education program for many years. His experience and knowledge of the program has been priceless! He is always willing to go above and beyond to serve students. Last winter, he took on another driver's territory, while still servicing his own area. In addition, Doughas trained new instructors and is always willing to help and take on extra students. Parents always let me know how wonderful Doug is and it's time that he is recognized for being a huge asset to the program.

    Kacy Watkins

    Kacy Watkins

    Driver Education

    Living Our Values: Service to Others, Nominated by Kelli Eichenlaub

    Why Kacy was nominated: 

    Kacy started with the Driver Education program about a year and a half ago and she has been on fire ever since! Kacy is a busy lady teaching full time, coaching, and a Driver Education instructor, but she always seems to make it work. She goes above and beyond to get a student scheduled and takes on extra students. In addition, she has helped train two new instructors and is administering the licensing test to their students until they are certified by PennDOT to do so themselves. Parent feedback about Kacy is always positive. She is wonderful and the program is lucky to have her!

    Tammy Cover

    Tammy Cover

    Early Intervention 

    Living Our Values: Service to OthersNominated by Kelley Dussinger

    Why Tammy was nominated: 

    Tammy serves as an early intervention itinerant teacher in the Berwick Area School District. She is excellent at collaborating with team members to ensure that communication regarding student needs is addressed. Tammy supports families by helping them access educational resources in the community and showing them what resources are available to aid in their child's development. She is always open to trying new things to help improve her students' cognitive, communication, social/emotional, fine motor, and sensory needs, and often looks for new ways to target specific areas of need. 

    Kelli Eichenlaub

    Kelli Eichenlaub

    CARES Team
    Living Our Values: Passion for Excellence, Nominated by Ann Miller

    Why Kelli was nominated: 

    I can always count on Kelli to do the "little things" that make a big difference. Kelli has been a blessing, putting the small pieces in place for our CSIU Nurse Aide Training. She has created name badges for students and corrected the formatting in Excel forms. Kelli’s offering to assist has saved me a lot of time and frustration. She does all of it with a smile, quickly and effortlessly!

    Mark Carollo

    Mark Carollo

    Cooperative Purchasing
    Living Our Values: Service to Others, Nominated by Jenn Gardner


    Why Mark was nominated: 

    Mark recently participated in calls with local institutions receiving federal grant funds via the CSIU. Mark explained in a comprehensive and understandable manner how both KPN and PEPPM are vehicles that help to ensure clients meet all federal procurement requirements. He also provided these institutions with a spreadsheet that matched approved budget items with potential vendors.

    "Mark went above and beyond in his Service to Others!"

    Patrick Guyer

    Patrick Guyer
    CSIU Schools at NCSTU
    Living Our Values: Passion for Excellence


    Why Patrick was nominated: 

    Pat has been with the North Central Secure Treatment Unit’s program for the past three years, and has come into teaching the non-traditional route. He worked on getting his vocational certification from Penn State University while working here at NCSTU. Pat's personality and approach to teaching was evident on day one. He loves welding, and he conveys that love to his students every day. He encourages his students to succeed by his positive interactions, working with them and consistently emphasizing safety. Pat says every day is a great day because he gets to do what he loves; teach kids to weld!

    "Pat’s welding program has certified more than 45 students to date. He works with companies to get his students employed and has been a great addition to the NCSTU schools.”

    Matthew Sherwood

    Matthew Sherwood 

    Living Our Values: Innovation for Growth, Nominated by Dr. Bernadette Boerckel


    Why Matthew was nominated: 

    Matt used his expertise in videography, photography, and sound to assist our public relations team in preparing for PLD. This required some innovative problem-solving on a tight timeline and Matt was not only calm and creative but a great teacher, helping others to learn and grow. 

    "Matt also helped me create a professional video when a Zoom recording was flubbed! He was a lifeline and, again, very innovative! Thanks, Matt!”

    Stephanie Thorn


    Stephanie Thorn
    Center for Schools and Communities
    Living Our Values: Passion for Excellence Award, Nominated by Kelly Swanson

    Why Stephanie was nominated: 

    Stephanie has been an early adopter and champion of change. She proactively realized that it was vital that the Communications/Resource Development not only be involved in the website development but the development of registration forms and event communications as well. She worked many extra hours to build the registration forms for all four conferences even though this is not technically her role. She ensured that each form was consistent in messaging and worked correctly. 

    "I am so proud of Stephanie for taking initiative and leadership in the implementation of our new online event management software, Pheedloop. She has supported the transition from the beginning and demanded excellence from herself to provide a high-quality experience for our prospective attendees."