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    Congratulations to the October CSIU: Living Our Values Winners!

    As announced at 2022 Professional Leadership Day (PLD), the CSIU has implemented a new award program, "CSIU: Living Our Values". The program recognizes colleagues for their commitment to CSIU values: 

      • Service to others 
      • Passion for excellence
      • Equity in action
      • Innovation for growth

    October brought in 19 nominations for the awards! Please take a few moments out of your day to read about these valued members of the CSIU family and to congratulate them for making a difference by Living Our Values through service to others, passion for excellence, equity in action and innovation for growth!


October Winners

  • Deb Boyer

    Debra Boyer
    Early Head Start 
    Living Our Values: Passion for Excellence, Nominated by Paula Wolfe


    Why Debra was nominated:

    Deb is the true heart and soul of Early Head Start. She is always there when her coworkers need her and asks frequently if she can help in any way. She goes above and beyond to meet the needs of staff, but more importantly, she wants the best for the Early Head Start children and families. Kudos to you Deb for always giving 100% and then some.


    Christina Campbell
    Five Star Program
    Living Our Values: Equity in Action


    Why Christina was nominated: 

    Tina is so supportive of all Five Star staff. When I was new to the team, she helped me get oriented, connect to the right people and get the supplies I needed. Tina fills in whenever there is a need, including helping to support students who are really struggling. She is always positive with the students, getting them to smile, laugh or even dance with her when she plays music during our special luncheons. If there is a dress-up day, Tina is always in costume, and her "roll with it" mentality is uplifting for everyone. Tina will answer the phone or texts, even when she is not at work, and she always helps to get things done. Thank you Tina!

    "Tina brings smiles to the students and staff of Five Star on a daily basis!"

    Megan Carr, Kylee DeLong, Brittany Lahr, Jennifer Pretz, Jennifer Weaver
    Early Intervention
    Living Our Values: Passion for Excellence, Nominated by Molley Herrold





    Why Megan, Kylee, Brittney, Jennifer and Jennifer were nominated:

    My whole team is amazing. We work together to provide a safe, healthy, and enriching environment for our children in the classroom. Everyone has a caring and kind demeanor that makes all involved feel safe and welcome. Their excellence and passion for their jobs are admirable. 

    "Believe you can, and you're halfway there."


    Tammie Confair and Jennifer White
    CARES Team
    Living Our Values: Passion for Excellence, Nominated by Katherine Vastine


    Why Tammie and Jennifer were nominated: 

    Tammie and Jen took on the responsibility of developing the DCW Heroes and YES to the Future e-newsletters with an open mind and desire to learn. Each month they work with their co-workers to secure content and present it in a succinct and attractive manner highlighting participant success stories, program highlights and community resources.


    Pamela Inch
    Special Education
    Living Our Values: Service to Others, Nominated by Dr. Anthony Serafini


    Why Pamela was nominated: 

    Recently, the CSIU Professional Development department coordinated a professional learning event for several hundred educators from CSIU regional schools. Throughout the planning process, Pam went above and beyond to ensure that we were well organized and prepared for the day. From organizing the keynote and confirming breakout speakers, to troubleshooting technology, Pam had it covered. Thank you to Pam for all that you do. You are IU through and through. 


    Heather Krebs and Liesl Lewis
    Non-Public Education
    Living Our Values: Service to Others


    Why Heather and Liesl were nominated: 

    Our Acadience assessment measure evolved to allow online assessment and data collection. Liesl and Heather sought training and then shared needed information with the rest of our department in a concise professional development session, allowing us to practice and saving hours of time trying to learn the system independently. Of course, they are also consistently supportive coworkers. In a small department, this makes a world of difference.

    Nicole Lady


    Nicole Lady
    Migrant Education Program
    Living Our Values: Passion for Excellence, Nominated by Beth Weaver-Ronk


    Why Nicole was nominated: 

    Nikki is always looking for better ways to meet and exceed our goals. She whole-heartedly takes on all new challenges (Canvas Courses/MSIX Training) with an enthusiasm that is infectious (in the best way) to those around her. She is eager to work with others, collaborates almost effortlessly, and always elevates those around her. With any project she leads, she remembers and shares the contributions of those around her who made success possible. She cheers on the successes of others and is always willing to lend a helping hand.


    Derek Megargell
    Five Star Program
    Living Our Values: Passion for Excellence


    Why Derek was nominated:

    Derek always shows up and is beyond reliable. He is genuinely present. He cares about the students and the work he does and it shows. He is innovative in his lessons to keep the students positively engaged. He goes above and beyond and is always willing to step in wherever needed. He is a team player - even if it means dressing up in silly attire for spirit day. He is committed to making a positive difference every day!

    Joseph Melvin

    Joseph Melvin
    Center for Safe Schools
    Living Our Values: Innovation for Growth


    Why Joseph was nominated: 

    Joey is always on the lookout for new ways to serve his population. He has endless energy and enthusiasm for his work. With every new funding opportunity or award announcement, Joey is developing new initiatives and projects that not only benefit his program but also ways his program and staff can benefit other schools and entities who are eligible for those funds. I find working with Joey to be motivating and am always interested to see what ideas he and his staff have next.

    Pamela Reeves


    Pamela Reeves
    Five Star Program
    Living Our Values: Passion for Excellence, Nominated by Dr. Alan Hack


    Why Pam was nominated: 

    Pam has been a CSIU social worker for 30 years and has been stationed at Five Star for over a decade. Pam collaborates with the social work team and networks with local community resources and agencies to bring diverse programming to Five Star students during both the summer program and the regular school year. Pam's work experience gives her broad clinical expertise, but she also actively engages in professional growth opportunities. Pam is an extremely kind and considerate coworker who praises and encourages her peers as they serve the Five Star students. Her helpfulness, volunteerism and reflective insights make her a great partner on the Five Star team.  

    "Thank you , Pam, for helping our students make community connections!"

    Sherri Smith


    Sherri Smith
    Center for Schools and Communities
    Living Our Values: Equity in Action, Nominated by Kelly Swanson


    Why Sherri was nominated: 

    Sherri recognized early in her career at CSC that we needed to make our web presence and digital documents accessible to everyone. She has worked to transition CSC websites to accessible platforms and participated in extensive professional development on digital accessibility. She recently proposed and secured a national trainer to provide professional development for CSC and CSIU staff on what accessibility is and why it matters, and accessibility for Word, Acrobat and InDesign. This approach helps spread the knowledge and impact of her efforts. I am so grateful that Sherri is a true professional with a kind heart who is driven to do all she can to advocate for those with physical or cognitive disabilities. 


    Jami Vankirk
    Five Star Program
    Living Our Values: Service to Others


    Why Jami was nominated: 

    Jami is a team player. She is always willing to step in and support the students and her team. She has a knack for connecting to students and applying positive behavioral support. She encourages students to be successful. She allows every day to be a clean slate! Her humor, even in tough situations, is contagious. 


    Amy Wehr
    Five Star Program
    Living Our Values: Innovation for Growth


    Why Amy was nominated: 

    Amy has been "all hands on deck" since she arrived at Five Star. She has been instrumental in promoting new, creative ideas for staff and students. Specifically, Amy has created an awareness of the need to collaborate and plan for the future by organizing social work meetings, developing agendas for community based training activities, and informing staff of trainings and information related to social work. When social workers were presented with the need to apply for a new PA certification through the Department of Education, she was willing to screenshot and share the process. For students, she has been instrumental in creating a garden, and included all school students in a Fall Feast and now an upcoming Harvest Feast. She focuses on inclusion, not exclusion. She includes all in decision making and planning and is positive and growth oriented. 

    "Growth and solutions focused"