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    Congratulations to the December CSIU: Living Our Values Winners!

    As announced at 2022 Professional Leadership Day (PLD), the CSIU has implemented a new award program, "CSIU: Living Our Values". The program recognizes colleagues for their commitment to CSIU values: 

      • Service to others 
      • Passion for excellence
      • Equity in action
      • Innovation for growth

    December brought in 11 nominations for the awards! Please take a few moments out of your day to read about these valued members of the CSIU family and to congratulate them for making a difference by Living Our Values through service to others, passion for excellence, equity in action and innovation for growth!


December Winners

  • Rachel Breneman, Dave Marshall, Sherri Smith, Kelly Swanson
    Center for Schools and Communities
    Living Our Values: Passion for Excellence, Nominated by Dr. Shileste Overton-Morris

    Why Rachel, Dave, Sherri and Kelly were nominated:

    This passionate team worked tirelessly to build an English Language Development Translation Library for districts and ESL teachers throughout the state. They collaborated and brought their unique talents and skills to the table to ensure that a very complicated project came into being. The Translation Library exceeds the requirements of federal and state government and is user-friendly for the field. In this instance, "Team Work made the Dream Work!" 

    "Team Work made the Dream Work!"


    Nicole Herriman
    CS Trust
    Living Our Values: Service to Others, Nominated by Jo-Ellen Fedder


    Why Nicole was nominated: 

    Nicole went above and beyond helping me find the formulary for our insurance. My doctor was struggling to find any medicine that was covered by our insurance for a condition that needed immediate treatment. She was able to assist us in finding the correct formulary.

    "Nicole went above and beyond helping me find a medication formulary. We were struggling to find medication that was covered for a condition that required immediate treatment. THANK YOU NICOLE."


    Elizabeth Weaver-Ronk
    Migrant Education Program
    Living Our Values: Innovation for Growth, Nominated by Tom Naugle, Nikki Lady & Sandy Odenwalt


    Why Elizabeth was nominated: 

    Beth Weaver-Ronk is a leader in the truest sense of the word. She considers all viewpoints when making decisions and truly listens and cares about each of her staff. She encourages each member to grow and develop while unifying the team. She inspires the team’s confidence with the depth of her MEP program knowledge. Beth has taken the knowledge of each team member into account and has created a true team  environment for the MEP Tech team. We are fortunate to be on her team. Beth has stepped into her new position with leadership abilities not possessed by many. She encompasses and is worthy of all CSIU values: Service to others, Passion for excellence, Equity in action and Innovation for growth, seen not only from her close team, but by her supervisors as well.


    Jill Snyder
    Five Star Program
    Living Our Values: Service to Others


    Why Jill was nominated: 

    Jill Snyder knows the Sunbury community, a valuable resource for the students and staff at Five Star. She has helped us connect with community service opportunities, which have also led to our students being recognized for their efforts and contributions. Jill maintains a bubbly demeanor and seeks to engage students, even on days when they "aren't feeling school." We appreciate her ability to get the students to smile! Another way Jill serves others is by being committed to communicating. She’s been brave enough to have some serious conversations, and when she's done, she's built bridges in her relationships with coworkers.

    "Thanks, Mrs. Snyder for bringing sunshine to our work!"


    Laneisha Springer
    Five Star Program
    Living Our Values: Service to Others 


    Why Laneisha was nominated: 

    Laneisha embodies the quality of service to others. As the Five Star school nurse she needs to be constantly available for whatever needs arise on top of her daily responsibilities. She never hesitates to step in and support. She always has a smile on her face and her bubbly personality and humor can lighten any moment. She is always open to feedback and welcomes/seeks input from others to be her best self. She goes above and beyond with her creativity and artistic ability to brighten up the bulletin boards and hallways. She often steps in to help facilitate art club and attend community service projects as a support. We truly appreciate all she does!


    Rita Steele
    Computer Services
    Living Our Values: Passion for Excellence, Nominated by Jo-Ellen Fedder


    Why Rita was nominated: 

    Rita is extremely patient while training Taylor & I in the new Synergy software. She teaches us step by step with the understanding that we know NOTHING. She is a wonderful colleague.

    "Rita is an amazing colleague who trains us with patience & understanding. She is a wonderful example of excellence."


    Daniel Wilson
    Center for Schools and Communities
    Living Our Values: Passion for Excellence, Nominated by Michelle Kern


    Why Daniel was nominated: 

    Danny helped implement a new program (Pheedloop) for our conferences this fall. With many staff and learning curves, Danny took the lead in creating tools, trainings, and setting up office hours. He made the experience easier for the staff. It was easy to tell he had a passion for excellence and helping his fellow co-workers.


    Mary Wellington
    Pandemic Electronic Benefits Transfer Management
    Living Our Values: Passion for Excellence


    Why Mary was nominated: 

    Missy is an inspiration to her entire team. Her dedication, to her project and the children she helps to ensure are getting the meals that they need, are of utmost importance to Missy. She dedicates not only her work time but her personal time as well, to ensuring her team's success.