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    Congratulations to the January CSIU: Living Our Values Winners!

    As announced at 2022 Professional Leadership Day (PLD), the CSIU has implemented a new award program, "CSIU: Living Our Values". The program recognizes colleagues for their commitment to CSIU values: 

      • Service to others 
      • Passion for excellence
      • Equity in action
      • Innovation for growth

    January brought in 8 nominations for the awards! Please take a few moments out of your day to read about these valued members of the CSIU family and to congratulate them for making a difference by Living Our Values through service to others, passion for excellence, equity in action and innovation for growth!


January 2023 Winners


    Tanya Dynda
    Instructional Technology
    Living Our Values: Service to Others, Nominated by Dr. Alan Hack


    Why Tanya was nominated:

    Tanya's knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), computer science, and instructional technology has been applied to a variety of internal and external programs. Most recently, Tanya collaborated with Luzerne County Community College to provide hands-on learning opportunities for 125+ middle school students at the Watsontown Children’s Center. In addition, Tanya worked with the CSIU Five Star program in Sunbury to create 3-D printed ornaments prior to winter break. Tanya is always willing to provide instructional technology support to our CSIU programs! 


    Matt Gochnaur
    Computer Services
    Living Our Values: Service to Others


    Why Matt was nominated: 

    Matt continually puts client-needs first. When working on multiple projects with various clients and teams (sometimes containing extremely high demands), he remains organized and keeps the projects and teams on task. He recognizes obstacles and offers solutions. He listens to the client's requests, always easing their concerns. He provides very detailed information to the team, which in turn allows for quicker resolutions. He is a valued team member, always willing to help others and go the extra mile.



    Sarah Harper
    Five Star Program
    Living Our Values: Passion for Excellence


    Why Sarah was nominated: 

    Sarah embodies a passion for excellence. She goes above and beyond to complete her job responsibilities (and beyond) - while balancing life’s responsibilities. Even if this means working longer hours and giving up sleep. Her preparation and classroom management make others' jobs easier. She provides the structure and support needed for even the toughest students to thrive. She is genuinely caring of others - students and staff. She is truly passionate about everything she does! Those around her recognize all she does and value her as a colleague, teacher, and friend.


    Joan Hauck
    Speech Language Pathologist
    Living Our Values: Passion for Excellence, Nominated by: Ellen Batdorf


    Why Joan was nominated: 

    Joan goes out of her way to answer questions, teach us new skills, be a sounding board, and be an ever-present advocate for all things beneficial to our students. I had the privilege of working with her for three years. This year, even though I no longer work with students on her caseload, she has been gracious enough to provide guidance and support.

    "Joan's passion for her job and her students can be seen in all of us who are lucky enough to receive pieces of her glowing wisdom."


    Pamela Kramer
    Next Century, Inc. (NXC) employee serving CSIU's Five Star Program
    Living Our Values: Passion for Excellence


    Why Pamela was nominated: 

    Pamela has moved into the temporary position of supervisor of the Five Star program. She has shown caring, compassion, and direction to both students and staff. Pamela has offered solutions to complicated issues and will take charge of challenging problems. The Five Star staff values the honesty and direction that she brings to our program. Pamela shows compassion and direction to students and staff of the Five Star Program in challenging and complicated issues.

    "Pamela is showing compassion and direction to students and staff of the Five Star Program in challenging and complicated issues."


    Karen Nogle
    Human Resources
    Living Our Values: Passion for Excellence, Nominated by: Bonnie Albertson


    Why Karen was nominated: 

    It is with pleasure that I nominate Karen Nogle, Benefits and Wellness Specialist, for the CSIU Living Our Values Award. Recently, I experienced an issue with a medical company that provides critical supplies for my health. Karen was my savior! Some words that come to mind when describing Karen are: ambitious, unwavering commitment, persistent, determined, warm and empathetic. Karen was genuinely concerned regarding my health and making sure that I received my medical supplies. Karen was on a mission to ensure that I received my proper benefits. After seven phone calls with the medical supply company and the insurance carrier, Karen was able to favorably solve the dilemma. Karen explored other options and provided support and follow-up for the situation. Thank you, Karen!!!!!

    "Karen demonstrated unwavering commitment!"


    Kristie Startzel
    Five Star Program
    Living Our Values: Passion for Excellence


    Why Kristie was nominated: 

    Kristie is our School-Wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports Tier 2 coach, and she works to clarify and communicate about school-wide procedures. When staff understand the processes better, we can team better, serve better, save time and prevent confusion. Kristie provides a voice for flexible thinking and encourages her classroom students to get in touch with their physical and emotional needs through processes that work for them. It's not uncommon to see Kristie out walking in the fresh air with students or doing some quick exercises in the hallway so they can get focused and return to class. Kristie is an encourager for kids and a team player for staff. We are all thankful for her dedication to our program!

    "Kristie provides a voice for flexible thinking!"


    Jennifer Weaver
    Early Intervention
    Living Our Values: Passion for Excellence


    Why Jennifer was nominated: 

    Jennifer is new to our CSIU early intervention program. She has transitioned into her role and made a huge impact on her students in just a couple of months. The students in her Midd-West early childhood special education classroom are making progress in their early academic skills as well as their independent living skills. Jennifer comes from an early childhood program and has fostered the idea that the students in her special education classroom are capable and competent learners.