• We are excited to announce the June Know Your Impact Nominees!

    In celebration of 50 Years of Impact, and to continue living out the message that Drew Dudley delivered in our 2020 PLD Keynote, we are ALL seeking to notice and recognize the moments of leadership that impact our work and lives daily.

    Staff are nominated for a CSIU Program Impact Award (work-related success/achievement) and/or a CSIU Community Impact Award (large or small acts of kindness, generosity, motivation, encouragement, etc. related to work at the CSIU).

    June brought in 14 nominations for Program and Community Impact Awards! Each nominee is recognized in a newsletter and on our website. Please take a few moments out of your day to read about these valued members of the CSIU family and to congratulate them for making a difference--for making an IMPACT!

    Thank you also to the colleagues who nominated them! Keep up the good work, everyone!

    A new program to recognize exemplary staff will be implemented in August to align with the 2021 Professional Leadership Day theme. The "Know Your Impact" program will be retired at that time. More information about the new program will be provided soon.

June Winners

  • Nichole Harer


    Nichole Harer
    YES to the Future Career & Operations Manager

    Program Impact Award, Nominated by Paula Dickey


    Why Nichole was nominated: 

    Nichole moved from a YES to the Future Career Counselor position to the YES Career and Operations Manager in January 2021 and took off running in her new role. During the last five months she has created matrices to assist the YES staff in data entry of program outcomes and restructured file forms to ensure consistency. As part of Nichole's position, she also covers staff caseloads when there is an open position or staff are on leave; she is currently covering the caseloads for two counties as well as transitioning caseloads to new staff in two other counties. Nichole sometimes drives almost two hours in one direction.

    "I am incredibly thankful for Nichole and all her hard work to make YES to the Future successful!"

     Matthew Butensky


    Matthew Butensky
    Youth Development Team, Center for Schools and Communities

    Program Impact Award, Nominated by Karen Lehman

    Why Matthew was nominated: 

    Matt is Pennsylvania's statewide Foster Care Point of Contact for K-12 public education. In addition to being a strong youth advocate, Matt understands the federal guidance and stays informed on updates and changes to the guidance, allowing for an exemplary job at providing technical assistance to school districts, families, and partners. Building a strong partnership with the Department of Human Services, in particular the county assistance offices, is one of Matt's major accomplishments since his hire with the Center for Schools and Communities. Matt is recognized by his peers at a national level and has been asked to participate in a pilot community of practice with other state Points of Contact. He recently held stakeholder meetings around Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) III funding and the robust attendance at these meetings was a testament to Matt's ability to build strong partnerships. One of the attendees said "I'm always happy to join a conversation that Matt is in charge of."

    Matt was instrumental in planning and managing the first Foster Care/Homeless conference in 2020 called Paving the Way. More than 1,000 individuals participated in the virtual conference. 

     Steve Kennedy


    Steve Kennedy
    Telecommunications Web Consultant
    Program Impact Award

    Why Steve was nominated: 

    With all the technological adjustments and changes that needed to be made during the madness of this last year, Steve was always there to be a guiding light. Teachers and staff were always met with a smiling, determined face, ready to help conquer any troubles encountered. Whether it was showing someone how to find the power button or providing advanced coding instructions, Steve brings a spectrum of knowledge and professionalism to his craft. A skill set like Steve's is the keystone to modern pedagogy. 

    "Thank you, Steve."

    Contrell Armor


    Contrell Armor
    21st CCLC Youth Development, Center for Schools and Communities
    Program Impact Award, Nominated by Parke Brown and the 21st CCLC Youth Development Team

    Why Contrell was nominated: 

    Contrell Armor acts out his passion for our Pennsylvania students every day and is responsible for many positive outcomes!

    Contrell has especially demonstrated this in out-of-school time programming. He has been a Youth Development Coordinator in the 21st Century Community Learning Centers initiative at the Center for Schools and Communities since 2010 and has prior experience as a 21st CCLC program director. He is an excellent grant coach and colleague. In addition to his great work in 21st CCLC, Contrell has inspired and amused us all at CSIU staff gatherings and developed a very important role working with the US Department of Justice, SPIRIT program (Student Problem Identification and Resolution of Issues Together).

    "Thank you, Contrell for impacting positive student outcomes and inspiring us all!"

     Tim Musselman

    Tim Musselman
    Career Counselor, YES to the Future
    Community Impact Award, Nominated by Kim Renz

    Why Tim was nominated: 

    Tim's office is housed in the PA CareerLink® for Columbia and Montour counties where he intervened and helped out a PA CareerLink® staff member who needed some re-enforcement dealing with a disgruntled customer.

    "Kudos to Tim for stepping up to the plate to help another individual in a difficult situation and be able to de-escalate the situation."


    Mark Carollo
    Cooperative Purchasing, PEPPM
    Program Impact Award, Nominated by Jared Lehman

    Why Mark was nominated: 

    With the retirement of Jeff Kimball in 2020, there was a large void to fill in our cooperative purchasing department. Mark has stepped up to the plate since being promoted to Associate Director to help fill that void. He was tasked with gaining a full understanding of how the the KPN contracts work and how they are created. He was able to accomplish this task at a very high level. 

    "I'm thankful for all the hard work he has done to make sure our department didn't skip a beat during this time of transition!"

    Christy Hauger


    Christy Hauger
    Pre-K Counts Administrative Assistant
    Program Impact Award, Nominated by Christina Moser

    Why Christy was nominated: 

    Christy has worked extremely hard this year in the Pre-K Counts program helping both administrative staff and teaching staff in many areas of need. She was a huge asset to our Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) review ensuring that all of the Early Childhood programs were successful in meeting required mandates. Not only does she work hard but she is always a smiling, positive face, both in the office and virtually!

    "The entire Early Childhood department would not be the same without her! "

    Kathleen Alexander


    Kathleen Alexander
    School Psychologist
    Program Impact Award, Nominated by Kaitlyn Hall

    Why Kathleen was nominated: 

    Katie continues to bring her passion for learning to the workplace. She frequently shares resources and shows a genuine love for ensuring students have appropriate supports. She provides constructive feedback to colleagues in a respectful manner so that they may grow their own abilities.

    "She brings a wealth of knowledge to the departments that she works in and goes above and beyond with her work ethic!"

    Alison Kreitzer


    Alison Kreitzer
    English Language Development, Center for School and Communities
    Program Impact Award, Nominated by Andrea Kolb

    Why Alison was nominated: 

    Alison has demonstrated that there is no challenge she cannot overcome. During the past year, Alison has adapted so many of our processes and systems to shift from in-person to virtual, which strengthened our work not just for this time, but for years to come.

    "We are better because of her critical thinking, attention to detail, and ability to design long-term solutions to respond to immediate needs."

    Dana Graupensperger


    Dana Graupensperger
    Human Resources, Center for Schools and Communities
    Program Impact Award, Nominated by Andrea Kolb

    Why Dana was nominated: 

    Dana consistently goes above and beyond. Most days, I think she's a master juggler. As we have experienced a number of employee transitions in recent weeks and months, Dana has taken on multiple additional tasks to fill in gaps, assisting with writing multiple job descriptions and leading a cross-systems team through "conference season" with all events shifted to virtual formats.

    "Her team is amazing, and her leadership is even more so."

    Kevin Kilgus


    Kevin Kilgus
    Director of Financial Services, Business Office
    Community Impact Award

    Why Kevin was nominated: 

    Kevin's leadership of the business office team goes far beyond fiscal guidance and expertise. During the recent annex move, Kevin helped ensure everything went as smoothly as possible. He encouraged us every step of the way and even did the lion's share of the 'heavy lifting' for those who needed the help but were hesitant to ask.

    "Thank you, Kevin!"

    Pamela Miller


    Pamela Miller
    Early Childhood, Head Start
    Program Impact Award

    Why Pamela was nominated: 

    Not only has Pam continued to provide high-quality and successful services to her families in the Head Start program during the COVID-19 pandemic, but she patiently supported a family during a great loss. Sometimes it is challenging to deal with a family's personal loss; not knowing what to say, but Pam handled it like a true professional. She went above and beyond for this family and continues to support them as needed to help get them back on track. 

    "Great job, Pam!"

    Casey Clinger


    Casey Klinger
    Early Childhood, Head Start
    Program Impact Award

    Why Casey was nominated: 

    Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Casey has gone out of her way to search for valuable resources to share with her families, as well as other families in the program. These resources have helped them obtain food, educational activities, utilities, internet assistance, etc. Casey continues to look for means to help support all Early Head Start families, even though they are much harder to come by these day. 

    "Well done, Casey!"

    Susan Hertzog


    Susan Hertzog
    Early Childhood, Head Start
    Program Impact Award

    Why Susan was nominated: 

    On a daily basis, Sue strives to support the families on her caseload as well as supporting co-workers. During the Covid-19 pandemic, she has been a positive role model providing continued encouragement and support for families through the challenges of virtual visits and outdoor home visits. She most recently helped support co-workers during the packing and moving from one building to another. 

    "Way to be a positive light!"