Marketing and Communications Gears
  • The identity of the Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit (CSIU) is recognized and strengthened by the quality of each publication and marketing collateral produced, displayed, and distributed by our various programs and divisions. The "brand" of the CSIU encompasses more than merely using the logo. The brand of the CSIU is in the voice we use to tell our stories and in the experience(s) people have with our organization. Because of the quantity of and wide-ranging types of programs and services offered by the CSIU, it becomes increasingly important to express a single, cohesive voice in every action we take and in every piece of material we distribute. Consistency in the use of the CSIU's visual and verbal identity adds to each program or division’s value while also reinforcing the collective value of the CSIU.

    We all play a role in strengthening the CSIU brand. We are all brand ambassadors. This section of the website serves to provide general guidelines for the visual and verbal expression of the CSIU brand, as well as specific direction for the application of logos, color values, and related elements. Help in keeping the CSIU brand strong by incorporating these guidelines into the marketing and communications materials you create. The provided tools and guidelines will help to create a full range of expression for your specific audience, while still allowing the CSIU’s shared mission and beliefs to shine.

    The CSIU Communications Team is committed to producing materials that are consistent with the guidelines. Communications Team staff members are available to assist you with all of your communication needs.