Social Media Community Standards Statement

  • Official social media accounts of Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit (CSIU), Center for Schools and Communities (CSC) and affiliated initiatives and projects encourage active discussion and sharing of information and thoughts. At the same time, the CSIU and CSC want to provide a safe online community. In pursuit of this goal, users are asked to:

    • Communicate with courtesy and respect.
    • Be tolerant towards others’ viewpoints.
    • Respectfully disagree if and when opinions do not align.

    With regard to its official social media accounts, CSIU, CSC and its affiliated initiatives and projects will abide by the rules and regulations adopted by the respective host sites and ask all users to do the same when commenting and viewing CSIU and CSC-related social media accounts.

    CSIU and CSC-related account administrators reserve the right to review all comments and posted materials on official CSIU and CSC-related social media accounts and to remove content containing any of the following items:

    • Direct threats of physical harm to another, threats of violence or words inciting violence.
    • Obscenity, pornography or sexually explicit/sexually vulgar language and profanity.
    • Slander and libel.
    • Comments that contain harassing or discriminatory language that violates the law or CSIU policies.
    • Comments that promote illegal activity.
    • Opinions from users that may be implied to be made on behalf of CSIU, CSC and its related initiatives.
    • Product advertisements and other commercial promotion or solicitation unless approved.
    • Spam or scam.
    • Political endorsements.
    • Posts that misrepresent the user’s identity and/or violate private or confidential information of the user, a school, a company, and/or others.
    • Comments that publish or post other people's private information without their express authorization and permission.
    • Comments that threaten to expose private information or incentivize others to do so.
    • Redundant posting of comments by the same user.
    • Comments that violate the law, CSIU’s relevant policies (including their Website Privacy Policy and Terms of Use), and/or the rules and regulations of the applicable host site.
    • Comments unrelated to the topic and/or not based on factual information.

    CSIU and CSC encourage visitors to comply with copyright and trademark laws when posting and/or sharing information; however, CSIU and CSC do not accept responsibility for posts and comments by visitors to our social media. Visitor comments do not reflect the opinions of CSIU or CSC. Any post, tweet or other communication that tags CSIU or CSC does not reflect CSIU or CSC opinions and is not to be interpreted as an endorsement. Although CSIU and CSC strive to cultivate a positive community and maintain the platforms to the best of our ability, CSIU and CSC cannot continuously monitor social media. It is possible that some abusive posts, tweets and other forms of communication may be missed as a result. If there is a post or comment you feel is in violation of CSIU and CSC Community Standards social media statement, please contact us at CSIU and CSC will strive to resolve the situation in a timely manner.

    CSIU and CSC-related account administrators may also take action to report, block or ban users from CSIU and CSC-related social media accounts who violate this policy or who post threats of physical harm or violence. Such actions will be taken on a case-by-case basis considering the severity of the violation(s).

    Additional Community Standards for each social media platform are found here: