• Fund Accounting

    The CSIU Fund Accounting application is a comprehensive package offering tools for all-inclusive tracking, storing and reporting of Fund Accounting data, accounts receivable and payable, purchase orders and budget preparation. Major features and characteristics include:

    Ease of Use

    • User-friendly screens for data entry and report generation.
    • Detailed documentation is available from the Help menu.
    • Consistent in appearance and functionality with other CSIU applications.

    Effective Integration

    • Provides maximum efficiency and consistency by sharing common data with other CSIU applications such as Payroll, Personnel, Tax Collection, Bidding, Consumables and Assets Inventory.
    • Includes Query Maker, a flexible report writer.

    Comprehensive Record Keeping

    • Adopts standard PA account code format.
    • Compatible with accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and the requirements of Handbook II including full accrual accounting.
    • Allows line-item budgeting.
    • Allows access to multiple years of financial data and provides work ahead capabilities.
    • Supports unlimited fund and checking accounts.
    • Allows data entry by account code, cross reference number, or proration code.

    Data Manipulation Tools

    • Provides controls for encumbrance and invoice payment activity.
    • Enables automatic updating of receipt and expenditure accounts from other financial, tax and personnel applications.
    • Provides transfer functions to assist with the beginning of new fiscal year.
    • Includes budget transfer and check reconciliation capabilities.
    • Allows optional encumbrance when entering a PO.
    • Provides PO security by building and account codes. Provides multi-level approval of POs.

    Assorted Reports

    • User-defined "flex reports."
    • Checks and reports for multiple checking accounts.
    • Detailed and summary reports of transaction history.
    • Purchase orders, encumbrance activity, and transaction entry proof reports.
    • 1099 forms and multiple vendor activity reports and labels.
    • Final expenditure reports.
    • Annual financial merge and annual budget merge with PDE database format.
    • Positive Pay bank export.
    • Audit Log.