• Assets Inventory

    The CSIU Assets Inventory application is a comprehensive package offering tools for identifying, tracking and reporting of items defined as fixed assets. Major features and characteristics include:

    Ease of Use

    • User-friendly screens for real-time data entry and report generation.
    • Context-sensitive messages and field identifiers to assist in data entry/selection.
    • Detailed documentation is available from the Help menu.
    • Consistent in appearance and functionality with other CSIU applications.

    Effective Integration

    • Provides maximum efficiency and consistency by sharing data with other CSIU financial applications.
    • Includes Query Maker, a flexible report writer.
    • Integration with bar coding technology.
    • Import of assets information from Purchase Orders in CSIU’s Fund Accounting application.

    Assorted Reports

    • Depreciable items report.
    • Master item listings (various sort capabilities).
    • Item additions/deletions listings.
    • Vendor listings and mailing labels.

    Comprehensive Record Keeping

    • Asset items can be assigned to local, state or federal programs.
    • Items may be grouped by user-defined categories.
    • Capability to identify and track disposed items.
    • Identification of items purchased through leasing arrangements.
    • Track replacements and current item valuations for insurance purposes.
    • Added fields for compliance with GASB-34 reporting requirements.

    Data Manipulation Tools

    • Depreciation of assets on annual or monthly basis.
    • Mass relocation of items.
    • Identify missing items via physical inventory assessment.
    • Receiving module makes items available through POs for asset tracking purposes.
    • Useful Life Changes and Reset

    Other Features

    • Data conversion functions are available for loading data provided by several appraisal companies.
    • Audit Log