• Family Census

    The CSIU Family Census application is a comprehensive package offering tools for all-inclusive tracking, storing, and reporting of demographic information for each family unit, individual household member, and outside district residents. The information you gather can then be used for student enumeration, taxpayer listings, employment statistics and building projections. Major features and characteristics include:

    Ease of Use

    • User-friendly screens for data entry and report generation.
    • Context-sensitive messages and field identifiers to assist in data entry/selection.
    • Detailed documentation is available from the Help menu.
    • Consistent in appearance and functionality with other CSIU applications.

    Effective Integration

    • Provides maximum efficiency and consistency by sharing common data with other CSIU applications such as Student Attendance, Student Transportation and Tax Billing.
    • Includes Query Maker, a flexible report writer.

    Comprehensive Record Keeping

    • User-defined directories to store municipality and address data, buildings, employers and occupations for quicker entry and data consistency.
    • One-time entry of family unit.
    • Unlimited number of members per residence.

    Data Manipulation Tool

    • Automatic age calculation based on birth date.
    • Residents are easily transferred from address to address; history is maintained.
    • Resident activation and deactivation capabilities.
    • Member identification numbers can be assigned as student IDs in CSIU’s student-oriented applications.
    • Totals from a wide range of fields are available on-screen or in report form.

    Assorted Reports

    • Family, residence, member profile reports.
    • Kindergarten projection, age- range and birth distribution reports.
    • User defined and restricted mailing labels and enumerator worksheets.
    • Member history and notes reports
    • Previous residents/residence history reports.