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LPN Career Center in Pa.’s ‘Top 5’

The Central Susquehanna LPN Career Center was named one of the Top 5 LPN Programs in Pennsylvania, according to the Nurse Journal Many people wanting to work in health care are seeing an increase in the number of job opportunities in the area. With many choices available for study, the Central Susquehanna LPN Career Center (CSLPNCC) is a practical and now highly regarded choice.

According to the Nurse Journal, a good nursing school provides a quality education at a reasonable cost and offers educational options that make it easier for today’s busy students to attend. To determine the rankings for their report, they selected 20 metrics and sorted them into five categories: quality, affordability, convenience, satisfaction and value.


The school has a rich tradition of more than 40 years of quality teaching and development of a strong work force. Since the Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit has overseen the LPN Career Center in 1997, more than 500 students have graduated from the program, and 90 percent of graduates are employed in the area.

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