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Greater Susquehanna Valley Chamber Presents Awards

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DANVILLE - It was time for the Greater Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce to shine ... their 103rd annual meeting was held Wednesday, and awards were given out.

The business of the year award was presented to North Shore Railroad and their affiliates. The small business of the year was Mech-Tech Incorporated and Diversified Construction. Art Thomas is the owner of Meck-Tech and former chair of the chamber, "I brought the whole office, I closed both businesses, we all came out. That's how important it is to us to be honored and recognized for the things we do in the community, and how the community gives back to us."

The Heritage award went to Dr. John Kurelja of the CSIU and the young professional of the year was awarded to a Shared Support staffer Sara Snyder. Art Thomas said the 200 people at the meeting is a testament to the cohesive and resilient nature of The Valley businesses and people, "Its synergy, you get on a committee, and the next thing you know you're meeting once a month you get to know those people, then you get on another committee. If you are active and stay involved, you are invited to be on the board, and then you're starting to make decisions about how the chamber of operates and what the chamber does, what committees do, and what committees get created ad hoc when things are addressed as needed when things come up in the committee." Thomas encouraged people to get involved and encouraged businesses to get with the GSVCC. .. He said it all creates a synergy that grows the chamber and grows the local business community and the local economy.