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Pathfinders Program at West Snyder Elementary

As featured in the Snyder County Times • By Kay Poeth

Student participating in STEM program

Paige Hansel participates in a fingerprint activity during the June session of the Pathfinder program at West Snyder Elementary.

West Snyder Elementary School recently hosted a two-week session in June emphasizing STEAM activities. The Pathfinders program is administered by the CSIU and the host district. The program focuses on science technology, engineering, the arts, and math.

Student activities included a fingerprinting station in which the students compared their fingerprints to a chart to determine which pattern theirs most closely resembled. They also created papier-mache piggy banks. Papier-mache or paper mache is a popular crafting technique in which paper and paste are used to make a variety of objects. They also made picture frames using paper and Popsicle sticks painted and then decorated with stickers. At another station, students constructed rafts out of water bottles and Popsicle sticks. During the July session the students will test the floatability of their rafts. In addition to these interesting and educational hands-on activities, the students participated in both organized games and free play time. Lunch is provided by the CSIU as well as a snack.

The second session of Pathfinders program will be held Monday-Thursday on July 11-21. The Pathfinders after-school program is also available during the school year for elementary students. The same program is being also held at Middleburg Elementary.