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CSIU's LPN grads earn distinction

Photo of LPN graduates

Graduates pictured include (front row, sitting, left to right) Breanna Bogden, Theresa Brokenshire, Shaelyn Murphy, Brittany Shoemaker, Alyssa Lewis; (back row, standing, left to right) Carey Yerger, Jacquelyn Steele, Melissa Crawford, Heather Wetzel, Rebecca Mood, Brittany Kuster, Keri Weller, Felicia Neyhart, Cheyenne Myers, Tisha Phillips, Erin Heckman, Michael Fitzwater, Autumn Shaffer, and Megan Hassinger.

After completing a 24-month program to train to become licensed practical nurses, all 19 recent graduates of the LPN Career Center’s part-time class went on to pass the practical nursing licensure exam.

This 100 percent first-time pass rate is well above the national average of 82 percent, according to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. 

“I am most proud of our students and our faculty,” said Kim Delbo, director of the LPN Career Center in Lewisburg. “This is the second year in a row all graduates from our part-time class achieved a 100 percent pass rate, which exemplifies our commitment to excellence, quality education and competency in nursing education.” 

Administered by the Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit (CSIU), the LPN Career Center offers both full- and part-time programs. “Our staff are deeply invested in the students,” said CSIU Executive Director Kevin Singer, “and our students are committed to their education and training. It comes as no surprise that the LPN Career Center is recognized for being a gem in Pennsylvania. It is something our local community has known firsthand for many years.”

The LPN Career Center originally opened in 1967 under the operation of the Danville Area School District. Thirty years later, the CSIU assumed operation and since moved the program to its current location in Lewisburg.